Friday, November 9, 2012

Mr. Vice-President

*I've made my pictures as small as possible and it is letting me add pictures so maybe that is what I will be forced to do.
Lyndon ran for the SLT (student leadership team) last spring and decided to run for Vice-President.  He had wanted to run for the office of President since last year, but after seeing how much public speaking the 2011-2012 President did he changed his mind.  Lyndon had to make campaign posters.  The posters had lots of specifications so we had to really put our thinking caps on.  Lyndon incorporated a magic trick into his speech to emphasis his point.

Lyndon with his friend who ran for Reporter.

Showing his magic trick with the participation of his cousin.

Lyndon was VERY nervous as were we!

We are very proud of Lyndon for the leadership that he has shown and know that he will be a great Vice-President!
Lyndon was voted in as his school's SLT Vice-President!