Monday, February 28, 2011

PBR Iron Cowboy II

Last weekend we headed to Arlington to the PBR Iron Cowboy II at Cowboy Stadium.  Our first stop was one of our FAVORITE places to eat, Pappadeaux's.

After a delicious lunch we met up with friends at Bass Pro Shop where Lyndon received autographs from four of the bull riders.

After a trip to Ikea we checked into our hotel and called a cab to Cowboy Stadium.

We hadn't been in the new stadium and it is remarkable-very contemporary, elegant, and classic.

It's amazing how it goes from a football field to a rodeo arena.

Toby Keith was the entertainment and my music loving husband and son enjoyed the music!

I kept trying to get a photograph of the water fountain spraying on the Ford side, but I failed.

We thought the clowns at our hometown rodeo were funny....

Lots of special effects from this to indoor fireworks.

Jerry Jones welcomed the bull riders as they were introduced.

We could feel the heat from the torches in the stands.

We are not a family that follows bull riding or rodeos but we really enjoyed this event.  The winner for the night was Colby Yates from Fort Worth.  He was not the projected winner, but I was glad he won this event so close to home.

Neat picture of the stadium at night...

Seems I could either get Lyndon or the stadium in one picture.

Lyndon and Benjamin enjoyed playing even if it was late. 
Cody took Lyndon to the hot tub the next morning while I was packing our things and get ready to check out.  Lyndon enjoyed the hot tub and even jumped in the unheated swimming pool a few times.
We headed to Ft. Worth to eat at the Stockyards before heading home.  This man was at the corner with his dog, cat, and rat.  He wanted the rat to stay on top of the cat, but the rat wanted to crawl on the dog instead. You never know what you'll see on the Stockyard's.  Last time we saw a man on a motorcycle with a huge albino parrot on his shoulder.

We had a great weekend with friends and enjoyed family time away.

Friday, February 18, 2011

A Great Valentine's Day

We had a great Valentine's Day!  It began the night before with Cody finding a Valentine in his closet on his hamper...

& I found mine under my pillow!

Usually Cody and I have balloons and some candy sent to Lyndon at school which we did this year as well.  I have been on the lookout for a new coat for Lyndon.  He has made several 'hints' about wanting a black North Face coat like mine (ebay deal).  I would never consider paying full price for one especially for a kid since they won't be able to wear it for more than 2 years.  I have been looking on ebay for a deal for Lyndon for about a month.  I finally found this one & decided to wrap it up for Lyndon since it would be arriving before Valentine's Day.

 I think he liked it!

Lyndon was very excited!

Lyndon decorated a Valentine can at school for his Valentine cards.

& here is his loot!  I think he made out quite well!
We spent the evening enjoying a steak dinner at home!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

I found these Valentine cards on Etsy and Lyndon customized them with the maroon background.  Lyndon gave his classmates each their own ticket with a Reeses Peanut Butter cup.
Happy Valentine's Day!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

...& the Lamp

We woke up to snow again-yeah!

Not as much as our wheat would like, but.....every little bit helps!

I couldn't resist and decided to tackle the lamp today.  Yeah for me, it was just as easy as the chandelier!

Lyndon is feeling 'great' as he says and has been fever free all day! Yeah, we hate it when Lyndon doesn't feel good.
*Just look at all of the dust on the coffee table....yuck!  Gloria couldn't come last week due to the snow and we have been carrying in so much wood that it is probably dust and saw dust.  I am off to clean that mess!

New Chande

Lyndon has been running fever since Sunday so we have been home except for the two trips we have made to the doctor.  Both visits have revealed the same results...viral so we have to let it run it's course.  Luckily fever, tiny sore throat, bit of a bark cough, and energyless are his only symptoms.   We have layed around, cuddled, and watched movies and tv.  
Lyndon hasn't ran fever since in the night last night.  If his temperature continues to be normal today then we will be off to school tomorrow.While Lyndon has been lying around I decided to mark off my chandelier project.  I have been wanting to take the shades off and paint the candlestick parts.  I thought it would be a project but as I removed the shades and bulbs I was excited to find that the pipes just remove as well! Yeah, no mess!

I wish I would have had cream spray paint but I didn't so I just brushed on some paint.

Much better!!!!!

Thirty cent (brush) makeover!

How many pictures can I take of a chandelier????? Several obviously! :-)

Now I have a lamp I want to do the same thing to, but I don't think it will be as easy.