Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Lyndon's Valentine Party

Lyndon's Valentine Party at school was on February 12th while snow was melting outside on the ground.  :) Lyndon LOVES balloons and is always begging for one when we are in the grocery store or Wal-Mart.  They seem like such a waste of money to me, but to eachs own.  We always get Lyndon balloons for Valentine's Day since he just LOVES them!Lyndon posing with friends.  Notice the bunny ears on them.My little ham!  I guess Lyndon's philosophy is that if Momma is going to keep a camera in his face then he will have fun with it.  He told me to take these pictures!Such a serious look as he sorts through all of his Valentines.Lyndon HAD to have a Panther Basketball Player for his can!  We had a lot of fun creating it and I thought he did a great job!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Another Snow

The week before last I was in Austin from Monday night until Thursday afternoon at a conference.  The weather reports varied from snow at home to only rain with snow in Austin.  It seemed to change every few hours.  We decided to leave Austin at 9 in the morning on Thursday because it had already begun to snow at home.  Cody said they were the biggest and prettiest snowflakes!  We began to get into sleet outside Austin but thankfully the roads were to warm to cause any problems.  We began to see lots of gorgeous snow outside Brownwood and it continued all the way home.  The roads were all in really good shape and we didn't have problems getting home.  School was dismissed at 1:30 due to the snow.  Once I arrived to pick up Lyndon he was eager to make snowcream.  He had made some at school and wanted more.The snow was just gorgeous!I couldn't wait to get home and take pictures of the snow.  It also gave me a chance to play with my camera! :)After Cody was off of work he made a homemade sled and we went to some of our land that would be perfect for sledding!Cody had to make a few modifications because the nose kept dipping and Lyndon and I were COVERED in snow!Our cows really didn't know what to think.  They had never seen us do anything like this before!Lyndon kept his head down to keep the snow off of his face.This is such a typical picture-Cody's phone rings!!!!Lyndon finally got up the courage to try it alone.Had to play with my camera again!This poor little calf was born the morning that it began to snow.  What a rude awakening!  Thank goodness the calf was healthy and strong!This is Lyndon's snowman and snowpuppies (look to the right of the snowman) that he built at PowPow's while he was waiting on me to get back into town.

Ice, Webkinz, Puppies, & Boy Scouts

We have had the craziest weather this year.  We have had lots of winter weather.  We had ice while Cody was in Canada so I took some shots so he would know what he missed out on.Lyndon is a stuffed animal LOVER!  Usually they all have a special spot he creates for them, but they were just all snuggling on this night.Oh, puppies....  Aren't they cute?  We still have two and are desperately trying to teach them to be good dogsSome most days we are very UNsuccessful!  I think it only seems so bad because there are two of them.  This is how they look most of the time-notice the piece of trash in her mouth.  They find more things to tear up!The Boy Scouts of America are celebrating their 100th bithday this year so the boys are making decorations for their Blue & Gold Banquet.They had to design a birthday cake with PlayDough.  I thought Lyndon's turned out really cute!