Thursday, September 30, 2010

Dump Chair

I found this chair in the dump.  Cody grabbed it for me and took it to Mr. Stitch for a face lift.  It was a boring vinyl greenish and the wood was dark.  I picked out a white leather like material.  It is the material used to cover boat seats so it is super soft and durable.  I think I love it much more than leather!!!  I painted the woodwork a very light gray which was a mail freebie and sanded it.

Show Us Your Life-Dining Room

Here is my dining room decorated for Halloween.  This buffet table was my Dad's in his bachelor days and I am planning on redoing it soon!

A view from the kitchen.  My table was my husband's grandmother's.

I do enjoy my wall of mirrors.

I also love my china.  I have plans to repaint the walls very soon from olive green to gray.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Show Us Your Life-Master Bedroom

I decided to 'try' and participate in Kelly's Korner, Show Us Your Life series.  After all I love to see others' ideas.Welcome to our master bedroom.
Our bedroom is a mix of a lot of freebies!  Our headboard was grabbed off of my grandparents ranch in a scrap metal pile.  I just love it-even the rust holes.

Here is the entrance from the hall & bathroom.

This chest was once used in my brother-in-law's college apartment.  I have painted it at least 4 times and changed the hardware out.

The chair was given to me when my grandparents bought new furniture.  I didn't think the hunter green fabric gave me the look I was going for so I painted it with latex wall paint that was a merchant freebie.  It took two coats and I love it!  The legs are dark wood like the floor-I would like to paint them a gray-someday.  The wicker chest was a freebie when my sister-in-law cleaned out her closet.  A couple of cans of spray paint later Cody now has a nightstand.

Horns are one of my new favorite accessories.  The lamps are Dollar General purchases many years ago.  I painted them silver, but would love to have them dipped in chrome.  The shades are Target clearance and they both of a prism hung on the light switch.

Before my bedroom became white I had the Ralph Lauren leopard and floral print bed, curtains, .....  I love the little splash of wild!

This little table was my grandmothers and then Momma used it for awhile and now I have it.  The silver tray was Cody's grandmother's.

This armoire has a story: I drooled over this piece at Hobby Lobby for over a year.  I finally decided to bite the bullet and brought my 40% off coupon to purchase it, since within the year it never went more than 30% off.  When I arrived this was the only one on the floor and it had a few scratches.  The wonderful manager gave it to me 30% off plus let me use my coupon.  Then he couldn't get the new cash register to total it like he wanted so I ended up getting it for $200+ when it was $1000!  I don't know how I controlled myself!!!!!  It is huge and I love it!

I love my hand carved deer head which of course I found on clearance.  I found a huge steal on it as well.  Below it is the matching ottoman to the chair I painted.

A view from my side of the bed.
My ceiling is hot pink with a gold rubbed into the texture.  I scraped all of the popcorn off and retextured.  The walls are a light gray and the trim is spanish white-just like the rest of the house inside and out.  I still have to paint my closet doors and put up crown molding.  Hopefully I will complete those things real soon!
Now I am off to check out everyone else's' rooms!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Twins

Cody's cousin Erik and his wife, Hallie had twin girls a month and 1/2 ago.  They came to see us since they were in town.  They are precious!!!!!!  I could  definitely keep them both if Momma and Daddy agreed!  Steelie is in the green and white stripped dress and Charlee is in the pink and white polka dot dress.Lyndon wanted to hold them, but unfortunately Miss Steelie began to cry.  It seems that babies always know when a kid is holding them and they cry.  Lyndon just loves babies.I held Ms. Steelie most of the time-I was a baby hog!!!!!   She slept and I cuddled.  It will be exciting to watch these precious girls grow.  Ironically Cody's side of the family already had triplet girls and now twin girls-boy the holidays will be fun!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

It's Party Time

It always rains on the weekend closest to Lyndon's birthday so after checking the forecast we decided to have his party on the 18th!  Lyndon picked the theme, LEGOS!!!!We always enjoy having a crowd out to the house to help celebrate Lyndon's birthday.The kiddos seemed to have a great time with the trampoline, swing set, hammock, footballs, outside toys and each other.It was a little windy so Cody cooked the hotdogs away from the house so that everyone was smothered in smoke.  This became the 'Man' hang out.Mimi and Aubrey opted for the air conditioner.Lyndon enjoyed all of his presents and now has oodles of thank yous to write!With two football games on; Texas Longhorns and Notre Dame there was a lot of in and out catching the latest scores.& then we had our own football game.Aubrey wanted her picture taken.  This is her serious face...her silly face....& her mean face!  Doesn't she look ferocious???The kids then decided to catch crickets.  You can definitely find plenty of them out where we live!Lyndon asked for trick candles so I bought some sparkler candles and some relight candles.We are blessed to have such a great family and a great group of friends.  We had a great night!