Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Day

This is how Lyndon spent his Christmas morning.  He was up at 7:00 and we didn't go to bed on Christmas Eve until very late since we went to mass so we were dragging on Christmas morning.
We enjoy spending our morning together seeing what Santa brought and opening our presents from each other.  We all received WAY to much-but have a lot of fun picking out the perfect gifts.  It's obvious we all enjoy giving more than receiving-we are constantly trying to get each other to open the next thing we purchased.

Look @ this mess!!!  I am sure this is the mess that sits in every living room on Christmas morning.

Miss Aubrey has a NEW bike...

We went to Momma & Daddy's for Christmas lunch.  Lyndon and Aubrey are checking the advent box for day 25-the big one!

They had 'shiny gold dollars' and rushed to put them into their piggy banks.

After eating our wonderful and traditional Christmas meal we opened presents.

Lyndon was very excited to give Aubrey her doll bed and even put it together for her.

Uncle Bob gave Lyndon a sword (foam), but look how the light is reflecting one it.

Lyndon helped Cody open his coffee pot.

Lyndon scored BIG with a Tom Brady jersey and a Patriots watch-he even learned how to tell time on Christmas Day.  He already new how to tell to the hour and half hour, but now he has it all down.  Way to go!

The princess playing with her bed.

Momma's robe from Grandmere.

Cody is babysitting the doll.  Aubrey gave him very specific and lengthy instructions!!!!  
After leaving Momma & Daddy's I cleaned the living room-I couldn't take the mess any longer and made my corn casserole to bring to Dot's Christmas.  We had a great time and the grown-ups played Chinese Christmas.  There were about 20+ of us so it was a lot of fun and LOTS of gifts were stollen!  It was funny to see the strategies couples can use at stealing gifts!
The day after Christmas we celebrated PowPow & PopPops Christmas at lunch.  Charlotte made a delicious pork tenderloin lunch and then we opened presents.

Lyndon received his 1st BBGun.--We have LOTS of rules and Lyndon has done a VERY good job of following them.

Lyndon received a new outfit and a DS game from Carter and Grant. 

We gave Carter and Grant the same football backstop that Lyndon as and gave Grant a football and Carter a soccer ball.

Lyndon also was given a hunting chair.

& one of the neatest gifts ....Lyndon, Carter, and Grant's cousin, Hayden is the Texas Tech baseball pitcher and Charlotte with the help of Hayden's mom gave the boys an autographed stats page and an autographed photograph of Hayden pitching.  The boys were SO excited about it.  Thanks you PowPow, PopPops, Stacy, & Hayden!

& Lyndon opening his new tv for his Wii.

After opening presents the boys played football.

The gun hasn't been loaded yet.

Grant spent the night with Lyndon and they fed Jake together.
Wow, we all are spoiled!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Our Christmas Morning

Mr. C definitely found Lyndon!

.....& his cookies & milk!

Lyndon 'trying' to patiently wait while I get the cameras ready and Cody lights a fire in the fireplace.

1st glimpse....

Very excited about his Wii....

& NFL Monopoly....

Wow, a coke.....Santa knows what Lyndon likes...

Lyndon bought me 3 presents with his money at my mom's house.  He bought me two beautiful Christmas ornaments and a pair of cashmere gloves.  He was VERY proud of his purchases.

As I was fun to see his excitement and kindness.

Yeah, GAP!

A SOFT BLANKET!!!!!!   Lyndon LOVES soft things.

Lego wind turbine kit....

an autographed Bill Wallace book....He still doesn't really believe me that Bill Wallace autographed it....

Cody opening his complete set of the Andy Griffin show-all seasons!

....& his letter about his new ladder being ready for pick up.

1st Things 1st.....We had to set the Wii up.

We all had a wonderful Christmas.  I have more Christmas morning pictures to post and will do it in a second post.