Monday, May 31, 2010

Lyndon's 1st MACHINE Pitch Game

Lyndon had his 1st Machine Pitch baseball game several weeks ago.  Lyndon was very eager to get to the game and was ready at 5:00 for a 7:30 game!  I kept him content by taking his pictures.This is the 1st year Lyndon's shirts haven't been sponsored by The Tractor Shop.  Since Gary is helping coach we guess it's okay! :-)  It is okay because The Tractor Shop sponsored Carter and Grant's team.  I thought the wheat field gave it the 'Field of Dreams' look.  Cody loves that movie.Lyndon is on the left of the light pole.Lyndon did wonderful and hit both times at bat!I am a nervous wreck hoping that he makes it to each and every base.  When I see that he is safe I am relieved.Yeah, a run!Lyndon had a blast at his 1st game and did a wonderful job!  Machine pitch is MUCH different than coach pitch in SO many ways...

Cody's 30th Birthday

On April 25th Cody turned the Big 3-0!Cody had been wanting a new gun so that was his birthday present.  Of course that was something that he needed to pick out himself so he had already had his gun several weeks before his birthday.  We spent the day together and even went fishing and had a picnic lunch.Lyndon and Cody had fun with the little boat.PowPow and PopPop came fishing for awhile and of course Lyndon talked PowPow into riding with him.  Lyndon was begging to swim.  We told him it would be freezing, but he didn't care and said it was WARM.  I can remember being like that as a kid!  Mind you this was a month ago and it is also a spring feed tank so it is always the same temperature and that temperature is not WARM at all.Then it was Cody's turn to go for a ride while Lyndon and PowPow and PopPop went on a nature walk up the hill.Cody and Lyndon tried to fish, but they didn't have any luck.
Happy Birthday Cody, we love you!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

All About Lyndon

Lyndon had to create an 'All About Me' board for school.  His teacher showcased each student for several weeks.  Lyndon picked out all of his pictures except for a few I insisted on because they are my favorite.Lyndon drew himself decked out in Texas Longhorn Gear.I helped Lyndon organize the photos into several different categories since he had SO many pictures.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

SAF Base

Lyndon's Tiger Cub troop took a trip to Sheppard Air Force Base over spring break.  One of the dad's works on base and arranged the wonderful tour for the boys.Even the parents had fun.

This is the engine-the pilots have to climb inside after they land the plane for maintenance checks.Just show boys guns and missiles and they are all happy!