Saturday, January 30, 2010

Boy Scout Meeting

On Tuesday night we had our Boy Scout Pack meeting.  The theme for this month was 'power'.  The boys discussed the different types of power such as solar, wind, electrical, and even BOYpower.The tiger cubs shared their food pyramids and let the others know which food groups we should have the most of and the least of.  Unfortunately they always want to switch those two groups(vegetables and junk food) when eatting! :)The boys folded boats out of paper and are using wind power from their bodies to scoot the boats down the table.The last project was BOYpower where they hammered nails into a board.  I was very impressed with all of the boys.  I usually nail crooked and the boys did a great job!

THE Basketball Goal

Lyndon has been dying to run on my treadmill so I finally let him for a little bit today.  He was all smiles!  I am clueless as to why he all of a sudden he wants to run on it-it's not new!Lyndon's basketball goal is finally up and he is excited!  He had one of the portable ones, but the wind blew it over and broke the backboard off.  He now has one in the ground that is adjustable so he will be able to adjust it as he grows taller. He talked PowPow and PopPop into a game.  Lyndon and PopPop against PowPow-fair?????  Lyndon also struggles with  'walking'!Ignore the pathetic trampoline net-Texas wind!!!I am not sure if Lyndon is throwing or catching-funny stance.Lyndon has shot baskets everyday since Cody put up his goal except these past few days of ice and snow.  We have played Pig, Horse, Horses (had to add the extra letter in hopes he would make a come-back), Football, Football Goal, you name it!

MLK Weekend

This post is really late!  I completely forgot the pictures were on my camera.  Ooops!The Friday night of MLK weekend some friends, Dana & Kyle joined up for supper.  Cody grilled steaks while he and Kyle visited and Dana, Lyndon, & I played Jenga.  We all had a lot of fun & it was great to visit!On Saturday night Uncle Lee cooked ribs and invited us over.  They were delicous and Miss Aubrey came home with us for the night.  I went to check on them before I went to bed and I just had to snap a picture.  Poor Aubrey!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Fun Saturday

On Saturday Lyndon and I decided to go watch the new movie "Tooth Fairy"  we had seen the previews at another movie over Christmas break and Lyndon had seen several on TV as well.  Memere and Aubrey joined us.  Lyndon and Aubrey colored on the way.Memere did cooperate. :)  The movie was very cute and we all enjoyed it.  After the movie we ran a few quick errands and while we were in the drive thru we noticed this gorgeous rainbow.  It was a complete rainbow which I don't see very often.  If you look closely you can see the beginning of another on on the outside.We had a wonderful afternoon!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Fun with Michael

This post is about two weeks past due; I totally forgot about it. A couple of weeks ago we picked Lyndon's friend, Michael (they say they are 'best buddies') up and we did whatever the two of them wanted. First we went to Pizza Hut and ate pizza. The boys really enjoyed the big TVs with sports highlights on! They acted like they knew all about the 20+ teams they talked about-quite cute! We then went to the mall to play arcade games. We were all extremely disappointed with the arcade because almost everything cost at LEAST $1! They pooled their tokens together to do some of the games and were very frustrated when it only lasted 1minute or less! They then decided to go bowling. They wanted just the two of them to bowl-thought they were grown-up I think.... It was fine with me because it gave me time to just sit and enjoy them and take a few pictures with my phone (reason for lack of quality). They were so cute because they put their arm around each other and watched the ball roll down the lane. Michael ended up winning all of the games which he was excited about. Lyndon wasn't excited about that part; we are definitely going to have to work on the 'sore sport' problem!!
There was another group of kids next to us celebrating one of the little boy's birthdays. As we left I noticed that on his present table he had several bags of dog food and cat food and a few cards. Once we were in the car I asked the boys if they noticed the present table, but they hadn't. I told them what I had seen and they both had a look of disbelief. They wanted to know why. I thought maybe he loved animals and had received a new pet for Christmas. A few days later I noticed the little boy’s picture on the front page of the Times Record News. A wonderful article was written about the little boy and the true story behind the pet food. He had decided after seeing those heart breaking TV commercials of abused animals being rescued that he didn't need anymore presents, since his birthday was so close to Christmas.  He instead invited his friends to donate pet food or $ that he donated to the local animal shelter. He had several pets of his own and had rescued a few of them himself. What a kind hearted young man!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Lyndon's 'Panther Pride' Award

At the end of every six weeks period the elementary principal organizes a pep rally to honor the students accomplishments.  Mrs. Exum and Ms. Brooke always put on a very comical performance.  This time it was about joining the 'PowerTeam'.  The Powerteam had come a few days before to speak to the students about the importance of making good choices, saying 'No' to harmful things such as drugs and alcohol, and not bullying.  The students were all very impressed with the show.  In the pep rally Ms. Brooke was training to be on the PowerTeam and was trying to get Mrs. Exum to train as well.Ms. Brooke is trying to blow up a balloon until it pops-they PowerTeam blew up a hot water bottle(used for aches and pains) until it exploded.Lyndon received the boy 'Panther Pride' award from Mrs. Gregg.  Usually he is very good to stop and look because he knows I will be taking a picture, but I think he was so surprised that he was in a mad dash back to his spot.  Thankfully Mrs. Gregg and Mrs. Exum caught his attention!Lyndon was also recognized for his perfect attendance.  He is VERY proud of this recognition! We are so blessed to have such an adorable and smart child!  We are very proud of you, Lyndon!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Fun with Blaine

Last Thursday we picked Blaine up from school since Margie went dress shopping with Chelsea.  Lyndon was so excited that he decided to skip Rosie's (very unusual for him to want to do).  They both went back to school with me for about 45 minutes. Blaine then wanted to go to his house so we did for a little while.  They jumped on the trampoline and played XBox 360 (I think that was what it was...) before wanting to come out to our house.They threw the football around with the puppies trying to help before we took Blaine home so everyone could get their homework done.  Blaine tried to help Lyndon on his catching.  We had a fun afternoon.  Blaine is so good with Lyndon!  Hopefully we can do it again soon.  We just love those boys!Sidenote: It was freezing outside last week and I mean below freezing.  Horrible that I let them out in it I am sure.  They both wanted gloves but would only wear hoodies.  They didn't stay out too long...

Friday, January 8, 2010

Catch in the House...

On Tuesday Lyndon & I went out to 'The Ranch' to take down Mimi & PawPaw's Christmas tree.  Usually Lyndon wants to help me but instead he wanted Mimi to watch him play his she did!  He thinks it is great fun to 'watch' someone play-must be a guy thing because he and Cody both sit and watch the other one! 
After we finished the tree we sat around and visited for awhile before PawPaw came in and played catch with Lyndon.  I snapped this picture with my phone.  Lyndon had a blast!  I really enjoyed our time visiting and we NEED to do it more often!

Monday, January 4, 2010

New Years' Eve & Day

On New Years' Eve I packed Christmas up!  It is always depressing to take it down and leaves my house dark and empty feeling.  My style of packing doesn't involve much.  My philosophy is why waste time wraping everything individually when it is just going to sit still until next year... I pretty much just fill the container so full that they have no room to move-saves time too!That evening we went to visit Josh, Rafella, and Benjamin in their new house.  Josh built their home himself and it is beautiful!  What a talent Josh has.  Lyndon enjoyed playing with Benjamin as you can see from the photos.  We enjoyed a delicious rib dinner and French toast for breakfast!Lyndon also enjoyed playing with their new kitten and thinks we should trade them our two puppies for the kitten-sounds GREAT to me!!!  It's a steal: 2 for 1!!!! Unfortunately Rafella wasn't feeling too well since her body is pulling double duty with a baby!  I finally retired a little after 1:30 and Cody followed shortly.  What party animals we were!Lyndon and Benjamin played outside before we left on Friday.We ran a few errands before heading home.  I finished cleaning the house since taking down Christmas always leaves such a mess while Cody went deer hunting.  On New Years' the moon was huge and bright so we had to set the telescope up.  Unfortunately you can't see much when the moon is full because it is too bright to see details on it or anything else.  Lyndon just lights up when he uses the telescope-& Daddy...  I prefer for them to find something while I stay in the warm house and then I will run out to view it!  We can't wait to take it camping!We wish everyone a blessed New Year!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Outside Christmas Decorations

Of course my car must show a little Christmas spirit!It turned out perfect that you can see the snow flakes as I took a picture of Cody's Christmas lights!  They really shine out in the middle of the country!