Sunday, January 3, 2010

2nd Snow

Lucky for us it snowed again!  This snow wasn't a blizzard like the last one, but it was still beautiful and allowed us to build a snowman!!!!Look where Lyndon spent the day-PJs, TV, & the DS is on the right!  After it finished snowing we went outside to build our snowman.  The snow was perfect!  Due to the wonderful 2 puppies we still have we couldn't use any accessories that they would have fun with so we had to make an organic snowman!  Pot hat, rock eyes, rosemary nose, iris leaf mouth, lantana stick hands, English ivy scarf, and we also put a watering can in one hand and Lyndon insisted on the shovel.  He wanted it to look like the snowman had been shoveling snow.  It was dark by the time we finished.  Lyndon showing off his Patriot gloves!Lyndon is putting bunny ears on the snowman.  & then bunny ears on he and the snowman!Unfortunately this is what Mr. Snowman looked like on Wednesday-eyeless, noseless, and almost mouthless!  By night he was one small snowball!

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