Sunday, August 29, 2010

@ the LaKe with CaRl & AuBrEy

Carl & Aubrey went with us to the lake a few times this summer.  We always had a blast together.We always tell the kiddos to hold their hand up if they fall of the tube.  Not sure why Aubrey has her hand up while swimming-such a cutie!Aubrey will only ride the tube with Tante Audra.Trying to sink the tube is Lyndon and Carl's favorite thing to do lately..................& Cheese Puffs are Aubrey's.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

We Call Him The LeGo Builder

We have a VERY creative LEGO builder living in our house!It amazes me what Lyndon can build with LEGOS.  He prefers to build his own creations.  He builds the set the first time and then use all of the pieces to make his own things.This is his car wash.  The pictures don't do it justice-it was really really neat.  I don't think I am just saying that because I am partial either.

Anniversary Get-a-way

Cody & I took a little trip in July to celebrate our 9th year as husband and wife.  Our anniversary is June 2nd, but that is right smack dab in the middle of wheat harvest-still not sure why I agreed on that date.... ;-)  Cody took this picture as I drove.  There was NO rain anywhere.  We didn't know you could see a rainbow without rain.  Cody researched our get-a-way.  He picked the place and I picked the weekend.  We stayed at Cedars on the Brazos in Glenn Rose.  The log cabin B&B was in a great location.  We enjoyed walking around the property which even had an outdoor chapel.  We were disappointed that the claw foot bathtub didn't work-the room was advertised with this feature & I wasn't told it didn't work at the time.  Excuse my sarcasm but that would be like advertising a private bath and then telling you none of the features work....  The cabin was also VERY cluttered with nick-knacks which doesn't relax either of us but the service was very nice.Cody making and receiving calls on the wheat market, so he could get a contract in when he liked the price.  Work never ends!After leaving the B&B we stopped at a store I spotted along the way.  This adorable car was what made me want to stop.  We browsed but didn't buy anything.We then drove to Stephenville to eat lunch.  We found this restaurant, but couldn't decide if we should stop because it was 12:00 on a Saturday and this is what the parking lot looked like...?????  Their was a sign that they were voted the best steak in some poll so we decided to give it a try.The food was delicious!!!!!!  We would definitely eat here again.  Cody had grilled stuffed quail and steak and I had a steak.  It is good to have alone time.  I enjoy visiting with my wonderful husband and spending time with him.  I am very lucky & take his willingness to help around the house for granted at times.  Happy Anniversary to us and many more!

Home Sweet Home

Thank you very much for all of the prayers that were sent for Lee.  After one scare after another he finally came home yesterday-2 weeks after the accident.  He still has a long road ahead of him as he will be in a wheelchair for 3 months.  Both of his legs require NO weight for 3 months.  Cody went yesterday to help unload him which was very difficult; because of his hips and pelvic they couldn't grab his legs nor could they wrap their arms around his torso because of his broken ribs.  I am not sure how they moved him.  Jackie had carpenters and plumbers out to the house the past two weeks and they have made ramps throughout and built a portable outdoor shower off of the bedroom.  Lee called this morning and needs Cody to help him with something.  I can't imagine how frustrating these next 3 months will be for Lee.  He likes to be able to do for himself and that isn't going to happen for awhile.  We do have SO much to be THANKFUL for and we are.  Thank you very much!  God Bless!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Update on Lee

What a week it has been.  Lee was hurt a week ago yesterday and has been 'out'-sedated since last Monday.  Everyday things change.  Drs haven't been able to remove his breathing tube from surgery because he has been swollen and wouldn't have an air passage.  He has gone back into surgery to have his trachea dilated to remove the tube but lungs weren't properly functioning which made Drs think he had a blood clot in his lungs on Thursday.  Thank goodness the CAT scan proved that false.  He instead has pneumonia and they have moved him to a bed that vibrates to help break-up all of that junk.  Of course with all the broken bones he has it would be very painful if he was awake.  Yesterday morning they couldn't get him to move one side of his body and thought he may have had a stroke, but were finally able to get movement.  He still has the breathing tube.  His oncologist does say his wounds are looking great-finally some good news.  Cody and I are heading to Fort Worth today to visit Lee in ICU.  Hopefully this week they will be able to remove the breathing tube and wake Lee up.  He is definitely a trooper.  Thank you for all of the prayers.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Even More Prayers Are Needed

Please keep the prayers coming Lee needs them!

Monday, August 16, 2010

An Extra Prayer, Please!

My brother, Lee, could use an extra prayer this morning as he will be undergoing a very detailed surgery.  My brother owns and operates his own trucking company and as he was strapping hay bales down for the haul one of them rolled off of the trailer.  He tried to get out of the way & ducked but the bale hit him from behind and rolled off of him.  A hay bale weighs anywhere from 1000-1500 pounds.  He was airlifted out of the field to WF & then airlifted on to Fort Worth for surgery.  His surgery was scheduled later so the correct support staff could be assembled for this delicate and detailed surgery.  He has broken ribs, broken tailbone, broken left side of his pelvis, & the right socket of pelvis is shattered.  He is slated for a 7 o'clock surgery, but of course he probably won't go in that early.  His surgery is estimated to take 6 hours unless things are worse once they enter.  If so he will have to have two surgeries.  He can put ZERO weight on his right side for at least 3 months.  He should go home in a week either with crutches or a wheelchair depending if he is able to support himself on his left side.  Lee has a very high pain tolerance and it is very difficult to see him in such pain.  Any extra prayers would be very much appreciated as he has a very long and painful road ahead of him.  The doctors have said his recovery time will be 6-8 months.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Birthday Party & Lake Fun

Several weeks ago Lyndon had a birthday party to attend and then we took Memere and Carl with us to the lake.  The party was a lot of fun.This life jacket was one of our extras but it was way to big for Momma.The boys had a blast riding the tube.Trips to the lake are wonderfully fun and memorable!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Football Season

It was time to submit pictures for the Panther Football Program.  Last year was my 1st year to put Lyndon's picture in it and he thought it was really COOL to see his picture in the program with the REAL Panthers.  We snapped a few pictures Tuesday night.Lyndon HAD to take off his shoes, because the new turf just feels too good on bare feet he said!