Saturday, August 28, 2010

Anniversary Get-a-way

Cody & I took a little trip in July to celebrate our 9th year as husband and wife.  Our anniversary is June 2nd, but that is right smack dab in the middle of wheat harvest-still not sure why I agreed on that date.... ;-)  Cody took this picture as I drove.  There was NO rain anywhere.  We didn't know you could see a rainbow without rain.  Cody researched our get-a-way.  He picked the place and I picked the weekend.  We stayed at Cedars on the Brazos in Glenn Rose.  The log cabin B&B was in a great location.  We enjoyed walking around the property which even had an outdoor chapel.  We were disappointed that the claw foot bathtub didn't work-the room was advertised with this feature & I wasn't told it didn't work at the time.  Excuse my sarcasm but that would be like advertising a private bath and then telling you none of the features work....  The cabin was also VERY cluttered with nick-knacks which doesn't relax either of us but the service was very nice.Cody making and receiving calls on the wheat market, so he could get a contract in when he liked the price.  Work never ends!After leaving the B&B we stopped at a store I spotted along the way.  This adorable car was what made me want to stop.  We browsed but didn't buy anything.We then drove to Stephenville to eat lunch.  We found this restaurant, but couldn't decide if we should stop because it was 12:00 on a Saturday and this is what the parking lot looked like...?????  Their was a sign that they were voted the best steak in some poll so we decided to give it a try.The food was delicious!!!!!!  We would definitely eat here again.  Cody had grilled stuffed quail and steak and I had a steak.  It is good to have alone time.  I enjoy visiting with my wonderful husband and spending time with him.  I am very lucky & take his willingness to help around the house for granted at times.  Happy Anniversary to us and many more!

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