Saturday, August 21, 2010

Update on Lee

What a week it has been.  Lee was hurt a week ago yesterday and has been 'out'-sedated since last Monday.  Everyday things change.  Drs haven't been able to remove his breathing tube from surgery because he has been swollen and wouldn't have an air passage.  He has gone back into surgery to have his trachea dilated to remove the tube but lungs weren't properly functioning which made Drs think he had a blood clot in his lungs on Thursday.  Thank goodness the CAT scan proved that false.  He instead has pneumonia and they have moved him to a bed that vibrates to help break-up all of that junk.  Of course with all the broken bones he has it would be very painful if he was awake.  Yesterday morning they couldn't get him to move one side of his body and thought he may have had a stroke, but were finally able to get movement.  He still has the breathing tube.  His oncologist does say his wounds are looking great-finally some good news.  Cody and I are heading to Fort Worth today to visit Lee in ICU.  Hopefully this week they will be able to remove the breathing tube and wake Lee up.  He is definitely a trooper.  Thank you for all of the prayers.


  1. We have been praying for sure! We are in Colorado on vacation but my mom and mimi have kept me updated! What a scary time! I am going to go visit him when we get home!

  2. He is a trooper! Our prayers are with you guys all throughout the day!


  3. Audra~We have been thinking/praying for yall. Dad called me with the news as we were leaving for vacation. I felt like I needed to offer my support and see if there is anything we could do. We are home now and if your family needs anything, we are more than willing to help out. We are keeping Lee and your family in our prayers....