Sunday, January 27, 2013

Christmas Eve @ The Ranch

We celebrated Christmas @ The Ranch with all of the family except Clay and Lauren.  We had a wonderful Christmas filled with family, fun, & mexican food!

Mimi opening her rotating Christmas tree stand we bought for her.

Mimi & PawPaw bought Lyndon and Carl helicopters that are controllable from their iPod of iPad.

Lyndon had wanted something like this in Target a few weeks ago, but I discouraged him.  He didn't think anyone would have bought one for him, but you never know.......

The Girls Christmas Exchange!

There was a little stealing and a lot of fun!

I'm stealing Momma's bracelets and she hasn't realized it yet.

 In the end everyone was pleased with their gifts!

 Our family....very blessed!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

PowPow & PopPops Christmas

Our 1st Christmas celebration was at PowPow & PopPops.  We had a wonderful evening of family, food, presents, playing, and some even relaxed in the hot tub.Eager to open presents.

Grant opening his Chicago Bulls hat and Xbox Hockey game we bought him.

Carter opening his A&M shirt and Xbox Just Dance.

Showing us their moves!

Lyndon's Celtic headphones.

The 3 cousins.

Giving PopPop his presents.

Soaking after a fun evening!

Sunday, January 6, 2013


I have deleted all of my 2009 post which was a LOT! The only way I could add pictures to new post was if I made the pictures so small that the quality was horrible.  I wasn't going to pay money to add pictures and decided I shouldn't settle for bad quality on current post.  I have been curious about converting my blog to a book, so I decided this was my best opportunity.  I received my book yesterday and I am happy with it.  It includes all of my 2009 posts, so I have deleted them from my blog.  Still kind of makes me sad....