Sunday, January 23, 2011


GOD is good!  Briley is much more like herself now that she has blood.  Her surgery is in the morning and she will also be receiving her 1st chemo treatment as well.  Please keep her and her family in your prayers.  Her blog can be followed at TEAM BRILEY.  I know that comments are very uplifting to her family as they struggle thru this difficult time and try to keep their spirits high.


Please, please pray for my friend, and next door school neighbor's family and especially her 3 year old daughter who has been diagnosed with leukemia.  She has a long road ahead of her and the power of prayer is awesome.  Thankfully Briley is already beginning to feel more like her cheerful little self.  She will have surgery on Monday- first step in this grueling process.  Her family also needs extra prayers as her grandmother is scheduled for another of her surgeries in her fight against breast cancer on Monday as well. 'TEAM BRILEY' is our theme to helping this family in anyway possible.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Lyndon's Craigslist Find

Since Santa brought Lyndon a Wii he needed something different to house his tv, Wii supplies, and games.  I knew I wanted a 1970s styled dresser so I began looking on craigslist.  Most of the ones I found and liked where too long for this space until I found this one.  The owner told me it came from Germany when her brother's family was in the service; however, it appears to be an American furniture maker judging by the name.  After some paint and 'beating-up' it works perfect in Lyndon's room.  All of his Wii and sports cards, trinket helmets and things are in the drawers on the right and science toys, games, and play trinket-y stuff is in the drawers on the left.  Cody and I were amazed how HEAVY this piece of furniture is.

& the Before!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

ICE is still Way CooL!!!

Momma treated the grandkids and myself to ICE @ the Gaylord in Grapevine during our Christmas break.  Lyndon, Cody, and I spent the weekend at ICE two years ago and after I bragged about how awesome it was Momma has wanted to bring the kiddos.

It was a nice day-get-away.

It was IMPOSSIBLE to get all 3 kids to look at the camera at the same time.  It was very crowded so I hated to hold others up while we tried to get the perfect pictures.

You can tell Lyndon has learned after 8 years that when I say smile so I can take a picture I mean it. :-)

I don't remember the slide being this neat.....maybe it was.....

Aubrey just slid down.


& Carl.  It was very hard to get a picture on the slide due to the lack of light and the 100,000 people trying to take a picture where I was.

Even these lights are made out of ice.

I thought this tunnel looked amazing!  Two years ago it was icy twigs which I loved just as much.

Of course the Nativity is gorgeous.

It is amazing how they create and preserve the ice.

After ICE we toured the Gaylord grounds enjoying all of the decorations.

Carl & Aubrey loved the fish.

I loved seeing the excitement in the kiddos and the different decorations.

The kids loved the train sets...


the WATER!

Miss Aubrey is being silly.

We went to the Bass Pro Shop for lunch and so the kids could enjoy the fish and animals inside.

Thank you very much Memere for a fun filled day!