Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

Lyndon & I had fun decorating for Halloween this year.  Of course we put things in different places each year which makes it fun!

This year we didn't buy any new decorations, but still had a lot of fun using what we had.

Lyndon is taking art classes after school one day a week and LOVES them!!!!  He made this spooky skull &

this adorable scarecrow.

Momma and I brought home some of my late grandfather's milk crates this summer and we have had a lot of fun using them to decorate.  My grandfather worked at several dairies during his lifetime and these crates are made only from metal  and have the name of the dairy imprinted in them.  I LOVE them!

The two wreaths on the backdoor were fun to put out....I bought them off of the clearance shelf last year after Halloween-it was fun to find them this year as we unpacked.
Happy Halloween!
*If anyone knows how to paint a metal door with the plastic window panes so that the paint won't scratch off, please SHARE!!!!!  Cody and I have touched this paint up so many times it is ridiculous and it obviously needs it again!

Sunday, October 30, 2011


We began our Trick-or-Treating adventure at the Ranch.

We then hit the babysitter's and a few other homes before the grandparents'.

Momma greeted her Trick-or-Treaters in hippy atitre.

Lyndon wore his skeleton pjs under his fly suit since he had already taken his bath-they also glow in the dark which looks spooky when I check on him at night and he's glowing.
Lyndon had fun trick-or-treating as we left Memere & Pepere's-Momma forgot to turn off her porch light and Lyndon would wait for her to shut the door and then ring the doorbell again.  He did it a few times and then told her the light was still on.  They both had lots of giggles!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Not a Win or a Loss

It was damp and freezing at Lyndon's soccer game this morning!

You could see the water fly off of the ball as it was kicked.

The kids did a great job and tied the game at the very end.

Milk Duds Earn $

Wednesday night my CCD students at church munched on candy that I brought while we learned about Halloween's religious beginnings.  As Lyndon was eating Milk Duds for the 1st time ever they pulled out his first molar!  The tooth must have been slightly loose, but probably wasn't ready to actually come out.  I knew it must have really hurt because Lyndon was very quiet for the rest of our class.  The tooth fairy was extra generous & must have really wanted Lyndon's molar because he made $10.  I can't imagine she wanted it that bad.....maybe she was running low on small bills? ...Who knows?.... 
 Lyndon has vowed to never eat Milk Duds again though.

Halloween @ School

On Friday the kids wore their Halloween costumes to school for the annual Halloween Parade & for their Halloween Treat.  Lyndon brought each of his teachers a Halloween goodie bucket which he picked out himself.

Fly Costume.

Pumpkin Bread...


Witch fingers-cheese ....


& Spider Poison!
We had a lot of fun preparing the goodies for Lyndon's class.  Lyndon was a big help and stuffed all of the goodie bags while he watched Game 6 of the World Series.

Monday, October 24, 2011

A New Hair Cut

Lyndon decided he wanted a change and got his hair cut short.  I love his new look, but sadly think it makes him look a lot older.....BoooooWhooooooooooWhoooooooo!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Soccer Game #2

Lyndon had his 2nd soccer game this morning.  He was EXHAUSTED!  He had a fun Friday night of cousins and football with PowPow & PopPop.

 The rest of my pictures didn't turn out very well. :-(

Thursday, October 13, 2011

1st Six Weeks Pep Rally of 3rd Grade

Lyndon was very excited about his 1st Six Weeks Pep Rally in 3rd Grade.  The 3rd grade was in charge of the entertainment and the kids acted like they were the stars of the high school pep rally.  They made the pep rally so 'hot' that 2 of their teachers appeared in fire suits to extinguish the blaze; hence the theme of the week, Fire Prevention.

The boys chanting!

The Huddle!

2 of his GREAT teachers!

We are very proud of Lyndon and his hard work!  He received the Panther Pride Writing Award, 

the DQ Boy Reader Award,

perfect attendance recognition,

& A Honor Roll recognition!

We are very proud of Lyndon for working very hard in school.  Keep up the GREAT work!
***Lyndon couldn't wait to redeem his DQ coupon for his FREE ice cream cone!