Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

Lyndon & I had fun decorating for Halloween this year.  Of course we put things in different places each year which makes it fun!

This year we didn't buy any new decorations, but still had a lot of fun using what we had.

Lyndon is taking art classes after school one day a week and LOVES them!!!!  He made this spooky skull &

this adorable scarecrow.

Momma and I brought home some of my late grandfather's milk crates this summer and we have had a lot of fun using them to decorate.  My grandfather worked at several dairies during his lifetime and these crates are made only from metal  and have the name of the dairy imprinted in them.  I LOVE them!

The two wreaths on the backdoor were fun to put out....I bought them off of the clearance shelf last year after Halloween-it was fun to find them this year as we unpacked.
Happy Halloween!
*If anyone knows how to paint a metal door with the plastic window panes so that the paint won't scratch off, please SHARE!!!!!  Cody and I have touched this paint up so many times it is ridiculous and it obviously needs it again!


  1. LOVE all your Halloween decor~so neat! Lyndon did great on his art projects!!!

  2. I wish I had your talent! I can't wait to see your Thanksgiving and better yet Christmas decor.

    Wish I had an idea for the metal doors. Mine does the same thing, though!

    Thanks for your sweet comment about Kade and his Veteran's Day speech.

    Have a wonderful break next week!