Thursday, October 6, 2011

Not Orville Wright's Brother

It's not Wilbur Wright, but Wilber....Charlotte's friend's ancestor.

Lyndon's stockshow pig arrived at our house last night.  A friend picked him out for Lyndon.  Lyndon was ALL smiles last night.

Wilber already found a good place to 'root'.

Wilber is also going to need lots of "Lyndon-Wilber" time because he is not very tame!  Being the reason for not having a picture of them together.

Lyndon was all smiles about Wilber until Cody tried to catch Wilber to pet him and begin to tame him.  Lyndon was very disturbed with the noise pigs make!  We assured Lyndon that Wilber isn't hurt or going to hurt anyone it is just the sound they make for protection.  I'm not too sure that we convinced him.  I remember feeling the same way when I showed a pig.


  1. Oh, let the fun begin! We already have our goats too. The stockshow is so much fun.

  2. Oh mygoodness! My daughter wants a pig so badly, yours is adorable!!! Our last pig was a naughty one, she was a hussy and ran off to see our neighbor's pig every chance she got, we finally left her there, but she was a potbelly, maybe we'll have better luck with the pink ones. Looking forward to reading more about yours!