Friday, January 24, 2014


Lyndon raised 4 rabbits and 3 pigs this year for the county stock show.  I feel confident to say the rabbits were Lyndon's favorite.  He has always loved 'cute' ; animals, kittens, puppies, and now rabbits.

We really had NO-zero-zilch-nadda of an idea what/how to be sure our rabbits did well.

The judge had a system he used to rate the rabbits as he inspected them.  He placed poker chips in front of the exhibitors as he went along.  We couldn't figure out the system as we watched other exhibitors and he routinely switched his placing orders.  One class he ranked them left to right and another class right to left.

Lyndon was on an end, but we didn't know if he was 1st or last in his class.  Surprisingly, he was 1st!

His next class he was 6th place.

Showing for Grand and Reserve Champion.

He also participated in Showmanship, but didn't place.

*Lyndon needed a blue/purple colored shirt.

On Saturday Lyndon showed his pigs.

His Spot placed 1st in his class.

Lyndon showed against his cousin and several friends in this class.

Lyndon then showed for Breed Champion with his Spot and won.

The next class he showed his littlest York.  This was suppose to be our best pig, but he turned out to be the most fragile and we honestly didn't know if we were going to show him or not.  Pigs tend to stress-out and if they ever stress-out and actually recover, they are more prone to reoccurrences.  This pig stressed-out a few days before the show at home for no apparent reason.  Lyndon had strict instructions from Cody to NOT 'show' the pig, but only to shadow the pig and if Cody thought it was becoming stressed Lyndon was to exit the ring.  Thankfully, we didn't need our plan and the pig did great!  He placed 3rd in his class.

Immediately next Lyndon showed his heavier York.  This pig placed 2nd in his class.

Being Breed Champion allowed him to compete for Overall Grand/Reserve Champion, neither of which he won.

The pig judge was very good, but he did take a long time to judge and many pigs and exhibitors grew very tired and restless.

Lyndon also competed for Showmanship which he wanted to do well in.  Showmanship is very difficult as it includes 3rd-8th graders and there are a LOT of exhibitors. Lyndon stuck out enough to the judge in his skills that he was pinned!

Lyndon didn't win, but has improved dramatically in his skills and should be honored to even be pinned.

Now to prepare for Fort Worth!