Monday, January 13, 2014

1st Place @ State Fair of Texas

Lyndon chose his pastel art project last year to be of a Versatile tractor.  He had a wonderful art teacher who helped him to complete the picture.  Lyndon became extremely frustrated at one point as others had completed their projects and he had to redo parts of his over and over.  Initially, they thought the project wouldn't be to difficult, but later they both DISAGREED!  The hardest feature was the tires, they kept looking flat and they redid them numerous times.  In the end the hard work payed off!  The picture is stunning and was a wonderful end of art project.  *Lyndon decided to not take art lessons this year with all of his other activites.

Lyndon's picture received 1st place at the State Fair of Texas so we had to go see it in person.  Momma came with us and we had a fun day.

 All of the art work displayed was amazing!!!!!

 There were lots of Lego creations which caught our attention for sure.  This display was created by LegoLand not exibitors.

Of course you can't attend the State Fair without a ride on the largest ferris wheel in North America!

Then Momma and Lyndon rode a few rides…I just watched.  I can't ride the rides anymore without getting sick!

I probably recited 100+ Hail Mary's as they boarded this ride.  There seemed to be a problem with one of the carts and they had to remove part of the track to remove that cart.  I would've called them to tell them I didn't want them to ride, but of course I was holding their things.  So I prayed!  Thankfully, everything went great and they loved the ride!

Congratulations Lyndon, we are very proud of you and all of your hard work and the dedication it took to complete your tractor!

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