Saturday, January 11, 2014

(Experiments+Chemical Spills) x Friends x Family / Water=Lyndon's 12th Birthday Party

We had a lot of FuN with the Science themed party, but then again Lyndon and I always have fun planning his parties!-I love these days.

I offered various other entertainment offers, but Nope he just wanted the BIG Kahuna again!

 I think everyone enjoyed the slide as well.

 The grown-ups had nice visits as we watched the kids.

 There is NO telling what all this laughing is about.

If this doesn't say…"OK, please hurry so I can swim!" I don't know what CHEESY smile would.

Were were glad Holt and his parents came.  Next year he will be in the middle of all the fun!

Not my choice for a Birthday Party outfit….but oh well. :-)

The kids ALL agreed the candles needed to all be stuck in the face and laughed as each one was placed.

Geyser Tube+Diet Coke=Good Clean Fun!

Each family received there own goodie bag to take home!

Snacks before hotdogs!

Lyndon had a WONDERFUL time and we appreciate everyone who comes out to celebrate his special day! 
* I failed miserably with the picture taking this year and hope to do a much better job next year.  Mimi & PawPaw and Memere were all able to attend this years party-wish I would've gotten pictures.
We are very blessed to be the parents to such a sweet, fun, smart, & caring boy.  Where have the past 12 years gone….?

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  1. Audra love watching your handsome guy grow up. What a great party, beautiful memories.