Tuesday, January 21, 2014

T'was the Night Before Christmas...

Lyndon is sprinkling his reindeer food outside for the reindeer.

Lyndon left special peppermint oreo cookies and milk for Santa. Our night was very restless….Lyndon had trouble falling asleep and woke up every few hours.  Come morning we were all exhausted.

Lyndon wasn't too sleepy to make his way to the tree.

Silly Austen must have eaten some of Santa's cookies or played with the leftovers…..there is NO telling with that silly elf!!!

Checking out his gifts.

Santa surprised him with the custom designed Nike shoes he begged me to buy before school started.

Loving this gigantic Crunch bar!

Giving Daddy his gift from Lyndon.

A telescoping-pocket size back scratcher!  Lyndon knew it was the PERFECT gift as soon as he saw it!

Opening gifts from us.

Enjoying his new clothes, and playing Farming Simulator…he has waited 2 years for the updated version to be available and he happened to check on the way to Christmas mass and screamed with joy!  *Check out the socks he forgot to change.

Our Chef….a.k.a. Uncle Ken!

Grandmere enjoying a book.

We had a great Christmas filled with family….sadly not everyone was able to attend.

Merry Christmas!

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