Friday, March 19, 2010

1st Pretty Weekend

We had a really pretty weekend a few weeks ago and we took advantage of it.  We hung our new headboard, fixed Lyndon's trampoline, and Cody bladed the driveway.I just love this headboard-I found it in a pile of junk at The Ranch years ago and Mimi & PawPaw told me I could have it.  We had to straighten out a few bars, but I think it has so much character-even the rust holes.It's very hard to keep a trampoline net in good shape out here!

Bowling Fun

A few weeks ago we all went to Wichita for a day of family bowling.Lyndon is praying-I think!

Honey Dos

Two years ago Cody built a fabulous vegetable garden for me.  To save money we used old barn wood that we already had on hand, but after the puppies played with it all of the boxes needed to be replaced.  We began with one of the center boxes which is Lyndon's sandbox.  We also poured in a fresh load of sand which kept him occupied until bath time.After the garden boxes were finished we went to check on the progress of some trees we are having grubbed.  Of course Lyndon and Cody had to play.

Thursday, March 18, 2010


I was very pleased with our condo at Red River.  Each condo is separately owned and I browsed through all of the condo pictures before making reservations in hopes of finding the nicest one.  We plan on staying in #110 again!The kitchen was fabulous and the washer & dryer was VERY handy!


*Here are the pictures that I took with my other camera on our snow skiing vacation.
You can see Lyndon has plenty to play with in the car.
When we stopped at Cracker Barrel to eat lunch Lyndon found this hamster in a ball that he thought was the neatest thing.  I decided to buy it in hopes that he wouldn't want a real one!!!Lyndon enjoyed playing with his cousins in Red River.Lyndon is trying to wake-up by playing a little DS.
The icicles were amazing in Red River.  Some of them were at least 5 feet long!  The only ones I could get this close to were the ones off of our balcony which were only about 2 feet long.Lyndon was dying to get in the hot tub.  I don't ever let him stay in very long, but he was happy even with his short soak!  As Lyndon and Cody were soaking and relaxing in the hot tub I couldn't get over this snow sliding off of the roof between the two beams.