Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Vroom, Vroom!

After skiing until about 2:30 everyone headed to their place to eat a late lunch and get ready for our snowmobile tour.  Only two people were aloud per snowmobile so Cody and Lyndon shared one and I had my own.  The trail was gorgeous!We took a few breaks to play in the snow.Once we were almost to the meadow it began to snow really hard.  The snow felt like needles on your cheeks.In the meadow we were aloud to play; however, the little boys preferred to just play in the snow.  The snow was so deep they liked to get their legs stuck in it.Michael and Carter zooming by.Cody had thrown snow on everyone and I decided to try and tackle him-but he barely budged.  He had been eating the snow so instead I gave him a little more to eat!  We all had a great time just being silly and looking at the gorgeous scenery.This is the luxury vehicle that takes you to the snowmobiles.  The pictures doesn't show the classiness of it: the back is cut-out with seats welded to the pick-up bed for the passengers.  Of course the little boys LOVED it!!!!!
After our tour everyone cleaned up and headed to our condo for supper.  I took the pictures of that with my other camera and will have to post those once we get home.  We had a Mexican casserole that Charlotte sent with Angela, green beans, salad, cantaloupe, dips, veggies, and chips.

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