Saturday, October 23, 2010

Off 2 A Great Start

SES had their 1st Six Weeks Academic Pep Rally 1 1/2 weeks ago.  Lyndon was recognized for having Perfect Attendance and for making the A Honor Roll.  We are very proud of Lyndon and his report card:
Reading 91
LA 98
PE 100
Math 100
Science 95
Soc. St. 100
Conduct 100
Our school adopted a new reading and language curriculum this year, SRA, which has proven to be a lot different than our old curriculum.  I am very excited to see SRA being used because the old curriculum wasn't challenging enough for our students.  With the new curriculum comes new concepts, rules, and instructions.  One of those being that the reading story being tested on Fridays isn't brought home-'yikes' was my first thought!  Lyndon has handled the change quite well and seems to understand the importance of listening in class.

Lyndon is being photographed for being on the A Honor Roll.  We couldn't get a good picture......

I think this picture is Lyndon standing for Perfect Attendance.

Lyndon also had a special visitor at his first pep rally of 2nd grade, Grandmemere.  My grandmother flew in from Tucson on Wednesday night and was able to come to the pep rally with Momma.  Now that is special!
Keep up the great work Lyndon!  We are very proud of you and enjoy watching you grow and learn.  You have become very interested in spelling and continually are asking me if @#$%^& is how you spell @#$%^&.  It amazes me how easy spelling comes to you-great phonics foundation!  I am a horrible speller and rely on spell check constantly & it makes me proud that spelling doesn't seem to be a problem for you at this point.  We LOVE you very much!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Soccer Game 2

Lyndon played his 2nd soccer game of the season this morning.  He did a great job and scored several goals.

Lyndon was the captain for his team and his friend from school was the captain for the other team.  The ref who isn't from Seymour asked them to introduce themselves to each other, but Lyndon told him they already knew each other really well.

Lyndon bringing the ball down...


Here is another one of Lyndon's goals.  Lyndon had a great time and has a wonderful group of kiddos on his team and a fantastic coach.  Yeah, to another great game.  We are off next week, but will be back on the field in two weeks.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Show Us Your Life-Kitchens

This week on Show Us Your Life kitchens are the room of topic.  We spend a lot of time in our kitchen and it has changed a lot over the years.  Of course there are several things I would like to do as of today to change it even more.  Currently our cabinets are black; however they are on my To Do List to paint them the same white as the rest of the trim in the house.   One day.......  
The walls are the color of chocolate cake batter-don't remember the name, but that is how I describe them.  The trim is also black-high gloss like the cabinets, the ceiling is wallpapered, and the counter tops are granite tiles that I laid myself.

I bought this bakers rack when I was pregnant with Lyndon at Hobby Lobby.  It was a soft buttery yellow color.  Once we changed his room after his crib it just didn't work, so I painted it with copper spray paint for the kitchen.  The top shelf holds some 'grown-up' drink mixes and some of my favorite martini glasses.  The bottom shelf is decorative and NO I didn't drink all of the wine!!  The terra cotta pot I purchased at United Market Street when they were selling all their terra cotta that they used for displaying their fruits and vegetables.  They use baskets now.  It was dirt cheap and I wish I had more.  It is huge-pictures doesn't depict that well.  It is full of wine corks collected  by SEVERAL people for me.  I was going to make a bulletin board with them on one wall and started; however, I have now changed my mind (imagine that).  I do love using them to decorate around the house and a bag of them is very expensive at Pottery Barn, so I have hung on to them.

This is my baking station a friend of ours made.  I keep all of my bowls and cookie sheet supplies on the top and measuring items and storage containers on the bottom.

The POT RACK...I love my pot rack, but.... I am sure most visitors don't.  Momma and Daddy bought this for me about 6 years ago and I love it.  I wanted it to hang over an island, but the pot rack came way before the island, so lots of people have bumped their heads!  It warrants for a good tease between Cody and I when we see each other bump their head, because it has been there for so many years.  Luckily I am short and get to do the teasing most often!!!!  Hopefully this summer I will build the island-I know what I want, but I haven't seen one.

Door to the laundry room.

Mr. Cutie Pattootie was being is just going to be in the picture.  This is looking in from the master bedroom.  Our fridge was a wedding gift from my parents and we love it!  The rooster on top was colorful until about a year ago when he went all white.

This area was added on.  There originally was a wall right in front of the oven and the oven sat in front of that... which blocked access to the cabinet where the dishwasher is now.  The master bedroom had three closets and one perfect to close off on the bedroom side and open up on the kitchen side.  This enabled us to push the range back, build cabinetry to the right, and access the cabinet once blocked.  We also added the dishwasher to the once blocked cabinet.  The dishwasher was my Christmas present from Cody the first year we were married-6 months of washing everything by hand was enough for both of us.  Some might have complained, but I was GLAD!!!!!
We do need a new range, but I haven't found what I looking for in my price range yet.  I often check eBay and Craigslist and will find it one day, but until then I just make due with an oven that won't regulate a consistent temperature and pilot lights that won't stay lit.  Also the bottom handle is broke and the knobs to the stove are worn so that you can't read the labels of your flame.  I don't want to just settle for any old range and would rather hold out for the perfect one......stubborn.....??????

Cody's coffee area.  I love the smell, but not the taste!

Where did the cutie go?????

My kitchen faucet is one of my favorite things in our kitchen!

There is almost always something in here....

....& lots of this....

....& this.

Mimi & PawPaw bought the stand mixer as our wedding gift and I love it!

This is the wallpaper on my kitchen ceiling.  My mom and Charlotte helped me put it up....and......I am not sure I would do it again.  It was very difficult, but I have enjoyed it.

Outside our kitchen window is my raised vegetable garden that Cody built for me several years ago.  I love to look out at the veggies while cooking.
Thank you for visiting our kitchen.

Monday, October 4, 2010

PawPaw Charlie Boy's 89th Birthday

Two weeks ago we celebrated Paw Paw Charlie Boy's 89th Birthday.  Heather's pictures turned out much better than mine so I am using hers and deleted mine!

I love this picture of Heather and her mom.

I also love this one of Matt and Paw Paw.

A great husband.....

...& and great son!  I am truly blessed!

Lyndon and Grant entertained themselves with Legos while we waited on food and the grown-ups visited.

Charlotte really liked Cooper's mini Cooper convertible.  She had to take it for a spin and the boys went for a ride as well.
We had a great time.  Sadly our families don't get together enough.  Happy Birthday Paw Paw & we LOVE you!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Yeah 4 Dove Hunting

Yeah, 4 Dove Hunting, because it brought the twins back to our house!  Lyndon and I were super excited!

Lyndon is holding Ms. Charlie.  Cody took Erik & Bobby hunting so Hallie and the girls hung out at our house.  I enjoyed visiting and cuddling the girls.  They are just precious!

When Lyndon wasn't holding the girls he was taking pictures. :-)

Homecoming & Soccer Game 1

Last night was our high school homecoming.  Lyndon was excited about wearing his garter to school especially since it included 'A. Wright #84' & 'Barton Boys #8'.  Of course it didn't take long before it was irritating him and he took it off.

Lyndon's team played their first soccer game this morning.  Lyndon has a great coach and adorable and good players on his team.  They all work great together.  This will be Lyndon's last year to play in this division-booohooo.  I would much rather him stay at this level where the #1 goal is to have FUN!!!

Lyndon enjoys being goalie for a portion of the game.

Lyndon made two goals, but I didn't get pictures.  Next week I will stand down at the end and try to catch him in the action.

Yeah to a great game!  The other team also did a great job!  It is interesting to see how all of the players gain confidence from one year to the next.  A lot of little dynamites!