Saturday, October 23, 2010

Off 2 A Great Start

SES had their 1st Six Weeks Academic Pep Rally 1 1/2 weeks ago.  Lyndon was recognized for having Perfect Attendance and for making the A Honor Roll.  We are very proud of Lyndon and his report card:
Reading 91
LA 98
PE 100
Math 100
Science 95
Soc. St. 100
Conduct 100
Our school adopted a new reading and language curriculum this year, SRA, which has proven to be a lot different than our old curriculum.  I am very excited to see SRA being used because the old curriculum wasn't challenging enough for our students.  With the new curriculum comes new concepts, rules, and instructions.  One of those being that the reading story being tested on Fridays isn't brought home-'yikes' was my first thought!  Lyndon has handled the change quite well and seems to understand the importance of listening in class.

Lyndon is being photographed for being on the A Honor Roll.  We couldn't get a good picture......

I think this picture is Lyndon standing for Perfect Attendance.

Lyndon also had a special visitor at his first pep rally of 2nd grade, Grandmemere.  My grandmother flew in from Tucson on Wednesday night and was able to come to the pep rally with Momma.  Now that is special!
Keep up the great work Lyndon!  We are very proud of you and enjoy watching you grow and learn.  You have become very interested in spelling and continually are asking me if @#$%^& is how you spell @#$%^&.  It amazes me how easy spelling comes to you-great phonics foundation!  I am a horrible speller and rely on spell check constantly & it makes me proud that spelling doesn't seem to be a problem for you at this point.  We LOVE you very much!

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