Saturday, October 9, 2010

Soccer Game 2

Lyndon played his 2nd soccer game of the season this morning.  He did a great job and scored several goals.

Lyndon was the captain for his team and his friend from school was the captain for the other team.  The ref who isn't from Seymour asked them to introduce themselves to each other, but Lyndon told him they already knew each other really well.

Lyndon bringing the ball down...


Here is another one of Lyndon's goals.  Lyndon had a great time and has a wonderful group of kiddos on his team and a fantastic coach.  Yeah, to another great game.  We are off next week, but will be back on the field in two weeks.

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  1. Wow! Lyndon, you are quite the soccer player. I am going to have to come over to the field y'all play on and watch you one morning.

    We are thoroughly enjoying soccer, as I can see y'all are too.