Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Great Weekend

Of course we swam some more!

On Saturday Momma took us to the Dallas Imax to watch the Dolphin show.  It was really neat and fun because it was a 1st for the kiddos.  We had a snack at the museum and then went to lunch in the afternoon.

The kids enjoyed looking at the robotic dinosaurs.

They also enjoyed making a souvenir in the penny machine.  Lyndon chose a space design, Carl a snake, and Aubrey a bison.

Impossible to get a smile from everyone at the same time.

Or to even look at the camera at the same time.

Momma has been wanting to take the kids to this McDonald's for a long time.  The kids thought it was really neat.

We then went to the Fort Worth Water Gardens.

Thank you very much Momma/Memere we had a lot of fun and visited some neat places.

On Sunday we pretended it was Father's Day since we were out of town on Father's Day and Lyndon wasn't with us.  Cody wanted to go to the lake, but the wind was atrocious so we hung around the house and then went to the Harris place.  Cody and Lyndon shot the BB gun and Lyndon gave his boat that we brought back from Florida a spin.  We were amazed how fast it is.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

VBS & Swimming Fun

Lyndon attended VBS Monday-Wednesday last week.  Carl was also in town so they both were able to attend together.  Lyndon had a lot of fun and the teachers did a great job!

Eating pizza on the last day.

Carl & Aubrey spent the past five nights with us and we have had a lot of fun.  Due to the very hot weather we have swam quite often.  Luckily the wind wasn't too bad several days and the boys could get the water gun floats out.

Our two newest members of the family.  Logan is the gray kitten and named after another gray kitten Lyndon had and Spot is the black kitten.  Spot has a tiny 'spot' of white under his chin.

Sometimes mistakes make for more fun!  Lyndon jumped on the floaty and he slipped through it, but thought it was a lot of fun and stayed that way for the rest of the evening.

 Lots of giggles have been heard at our house!  The kids have played wonderfully together!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Casa Morada

Cody was a trooper with all of my picture taking!

The island bar....

the plants....

the boat....

more plants...

orchids in our room....

our balcony view...

due to the humity my camera was foggy....

Our 'hoopty' as Cody called it.

Wow, what a beautiful place!  We will definitely be going back for 2nds.  The perfect getaway! 
We had a great time, but I was very eager to get home to see Lyndon.