Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Lunch on the Ocean & a Show

Monday Cody & I slept in so late we missed breakfast so we went for lunch on the ocean at Island Grill.

After our lunch we went to swim with the dolphins.  After arriving we decided to save the dolphins for another trip and toured the park instead.

We caught the end of a dolphin show.

We then went to the sea lion show.

Kissing his trainer.

Being shy.




he rolled over twice without loosing balance of this ball after the swimming.

& climbing back up. WOW!!!!

being a walrus.

Sea lions have great reflexes and he caught these hoops that children threw.  Of course as you can imagine the hoops were high, low, to the slide, spinning, turning,....., but he caught them all.

Then we went on a bottomless boat ride while the dolphins swam along.  My first concern was that the dolphins would get the in the prop, but the quickly informed us they have a prop guard.

We then went on the boardwalk.

Iguanas were everywhere.

This scared me.

A white parrot.


a turtle who was born with deformities which enabled him from being able to come up for air.  With this special life jacket it provides enough buoyancy that he can swim underwater and still come up for air.

This turtle was huge and old.  I can't remember his age, but I think he can live past 200.

Feeding and petting a shark.  Another care taker was actually in the tank swimming.  They do a lot for their animals and constantly introduce themselves to the animals so that if they become sick they are able to draw blood and help the animal.  NOT the job for me!

The bird show was very interesting.  Birds usually don't interest me, but it was amazing what these birds can do.  This particular bird could even add and subtract in the same equation.  He would ring the bell to express his answers.  The crowd even gave him problems, but he was always able to solve the problem.

We then caught another dolphin show and it was FANTASTIC!  --One of our favorite things of the trip.  Unfortunately, I only had my small camera with me as we thought we would be getting wet swimming, so most of the awesome stuff I caught the big splash instead of the big trick!

Zipping across the water while hula hooping.

Pretending to be an airplane.  He twirled a propeller while making the sound of a small plane.

The dolphin has jumped over the instructor.  The splashes on the left of the pole are from the dolphin.  The instructor also swam underwater and the dolphin threw her through the air as she did several flips before diving into the water all while the dolphin was also doing flips beside her.  I really wish I could have caught that!

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  1. it looks amazing there! Happy "late" 10th to yall!