Friday, June 17, 2011


Lyndon and I traveled to Grapevine to visit LegoLand on June 9th.  We were both amazed and Loved LegoLand.  Lyndon kept asking if we could please come back another day.

Waiting for the Professor to begin our tour.

Did you ever wonder how Legos are made?

Each child received a souvenir Lego brick.  After our factory tour we rode in cars which took us into a virtual video game.

A Lego motorcycle.

Millions of Legos!

Art on the way to the bathrooms made out of Legos.  Lyndon had to take these pictures.

Lyndon building his Lego car to race down the many ramps.

Riding the ride.  We peddled hard enough that we stayed at the top for the entire ride.

Building a Lego house to see if it withstands the earthquake you can simulate by turning the nob to make your board shake.

This truck was motorized and the mixer spins.

MiniLand was our favorite!  Everything is built out of Legos.   The lights turn off every few minutes and all of the buildings light up with fireworks displayed on the walls.  I think Lyndon wanted to live there!DFW

Great Wolf Lodge

Cowboy Stadium



Mechanical bucking bull

Lyndon operating the players in Cowboy Stadium.


Reunion Tower

American Airlines building

Passangers riding the skywalk at DFW

Ranger Stadium

Texas State Fair

Lego Security System to monitor the city.

Lyndon on the security system.  He is the boy on the right.

Lyndon being silly before our 4D movie.  Water splashed on us and it snowed on us-4 REAL!

We had a great time and Lyndon came home with a Lego set.  I had a wonderful time spending the day with you at LegoLand.  You are a lot of fun!  Love you around the world and back!


  1. How neat! I didn't have any idea this place existed. Layton LOVES legos and we are looking for something to do in the DFW area, so we might just have to go.

    Thanks for sharing!

    I wish Kade could have had you as a teacher one year, too!

  2. Yes.......def going now!!! We are planning our trip! Thanks for sharing the pics and info ;)