Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Lyndon & Aubrey

Lyndon hitting the ball during a baseball game.

Lyndon sliding in for the score-always fun to slide!

Lyndon offered to petsit for a friend.  His friend happened to have an orphaned possum which Lyndon thought was awesome! After getting home I searched the internet to make sure it was safe for Lyndon to touch.  Apparently lots of people try to have possum pets, but it isn't in the possum's best interest according to online sites.

Once Cody made it home Lyndon excitedly showed the possum and his tricks to Cody before they put the lid on the box and Lyndon went to bed.  Latter I noticed the possum had escaped in my HOUSE!!!!  According to the information I read online they like dark places so Cody starts looking through the closets, they also apparently like to be close to their caregiver and have been known to climb in their beds at night-THIS was the part I didn't want to happen!  After awhile of looking various places we found the possum behind the filing cabinet in the laundry room.  Cody put him in his box and I taped it closed with packing tape and even put a heavy metal decoration on the top.  Cody couldn't stop laughing but I wasn't taking ANY chances.

Lyndon showing me how the possum hangs up-side-down.  It really was a neat experience and Lyndon was eager to find a pet possum.  Lyndon changed his mind the next morning when he had to clean the possum's box.  I found Lyndon trying to tape in nose closed because he said the smell was horrible.  We had a wonderful lesson about animal care and responsibilities for petsitting.  After cleaning it out on Sunday again, I think Lyndon's poor friend will not have Lyndon offering again. :-)

Lyndon wanted to clean my windshield as I pumped gas.  He did a great job!

Aubrey had her dance recital in May which was fabulous.  There is an awesome dance studio in Munday.  The recital was dedicated to Miss Briley as she continues to fight her battle against Luekemia. She was a student at the dance studio until her battle began.  A friend set-up to sell merchandise on Saturday and I sold on Sunday.

The camera I brought doesn't take good pictures in the dark so they are very blurry.  Aubrey is the cotton-blonde with the curls-4th from left.

& another routine.

Aubrey receiving her balloon as her name is called.

Miss Briley was able to make the performance on Sunday and is in the front with the black shirt. 
Aubrey loves to sing and dance.
Lots of fun at the end of the school year!

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