Friday, June 17, 2011

Lyndon Loved Basketball Camp

Lyndon had basketball camp right after football camp and he LOVED basketball camp!  I was shocked as usually Lyndon prefers football, but he worked very hard at basketball camp.  He thinks highly of the coach as he is his babysitter's son-in-law and I think he wanted to really do well for him as well.

Lyndon worked really hard at keeping his eyes on the goal and not the ball.  I know that must be very tricky for a kid his age, but he worked hard.

He listened to instructions.

I love the smile on his face-glad he was also having fun.

& I love the look of full concentration.

 There were a few fundamentals Lyndon struggled with and the coach did a great job of helping Lyndon so he would understand.  Lyndon would then come home and practice for the next day.

I think Lyndon might have a NEW favorite sport!

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