Friday, April 22, 2011

Lyndon's School Easter Egg Hunt

Lyndon had his 2nd grade Easter egg hunt on Wednesday morning.

The students had fun spotting all of the eggs while they lined up to hunt.

Now he sees me!

Since their hunt was in the morning they didn't have a party, but instead each brought a snack.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Uncle Bob's Wedding

After school on March 31st we flew out to Tucson for my uncle's wedding on April 2nd.

Lyndon and I have flown several times, but we haven't flown all 3 of us.

The ride was a little choppy from WF to DFW.

Lyndon found Cowboy Stadium...

Six Flags...
& Ranger Stadium...

We had about a 2 1/2 hour layover which was perfect for a dinner at one of our favorite places Pappasitos.

Lyndon was being silly and not looking at the camera which then led to these really silly pictures!

Lyndon caught the end of the Celtic game and yes, I do think he is praying.

Ranger Stadium

 Thursday night we arrived and spent the night at Memere's house.  The next day with ran errands and piddled around doing things for Memere.  Friday night we went to Uncle Bob's for pizza and fireworks.

Then the 3 of us went to Tante Lyn and Uncle Ken's for the next 2 nights; they had just come home that night from taking their granddaughter to Disneyland for a week.

The next morning Lyndon enjoyed cartoons in their newly renovated bathroom.

We then went for lunch at In-N-Out, which was voted the best hamburger on Food Network (I believe that was who).

The hamburger was really good and the place was definitely a very popular place.

Lyndon was very well behaved at the wedding.

Uncle Bob and Christopher.

Cousinly chatting and catching up.

Miss Autumn kept us entertained-she is a cutie!


The wedding was in Uncle Bob and Pam's backyard which they have landscaped beautifully.

Tante Lyn's camera battery went dead so she used my camera-not used to so many pictures with me in them.

We definitely had several laughs while visiting-as always.

Lyndon always enjoys playing with Jane and Rochester at Tante Lyn's.

On the trip home we were on the same flights as Momma.

Lyndon opted to sit with Momma and Cody and I sat either beside them or behind them.

Once we arrived at DFW we had enough of a layover that we had lu-pper at Pappadeaux's.  

We then went to find the moving sidewalks for Lyndon.

After riding them several times it was time for our departure.

Lyndon was a great traveler.

Lyndon is always nervous that they might loose his luggage-maybe because that has happened to us several times-they do find it, but.....
We had a great little trip and wish Uncle Bob and Pam a lifetime of happiness.