Monday, April 4, 2011

Mimi's 81st Birthday Trip

 Last Friday morning Momma, Mimi, and I headed to Southlake at 8:30 a.m. for our "Girls' Weekend for Mimi's Birthday"!  While we waited for the others to arrive we unpacked our things and ate at Copeland's before doing a little shopping.

The view from the lounge was great and we enjoyed sitting on the balcony.

We enjoyed a patio dinner at The Cheesecake Factory on Friday night before heading back to the room for pjs and visiting.

Saturday morning we enjoyed breakfast and then headed out for shopping.After a fun day of shopping we relaxed in the hotel before heading back out to dinner.
Carley enjoyed a nap-she didn't get a lot of sleep the night before....
Momma enjoyed shooting all of the these pictures...

Kristin was trying to decide what to wear.... She always looks great!Parker (was such a good baby as he was the only boy or kid.  He is a character and kept us all laughing.  Kristin has an adorable boy on her hands!) and I played on the computer with Photo Booth...

I promise we weren't this bored-just hungry and waiting on our dinner reservation I guess........  Momma snapped this!
We headed across the street to Truluck's for dinner...YUMMMY!

The big beautiful window made for tricky photography.  So I tried several with and several without the flash.

Mimi's Happy Birthday dessert!

Pictures of all of us thanks to our waiter.

Momma & I -thanks Dona!
After dinner Carley had to get back home and very sadly was caught in traffic for hours!
The rest of us played games in our pjs!
On Sunday we ate breakfast and then all began to head back home.  Dona had to drive back to Houston, Kristin and Parker had to head back to Austin, Aunt Carolyn had a major project to complete for work and Mimi, Momma, and I had registered for our very 1st cooking class at William Sonoma.

When we registered the clerk told us we should arrive early to ensure that we had a seat.  We took her advice and were the 1st ones to arrive.  As we waited it began to sprinkle so Momma ran back to the hotel to get the car incase it became heavy.  I stayed with Mimi and of course it never rained anymore.

Our class was a lot of fun and we even found a few goodies since our attendance qualified us for 10% off.
Before leaving Southlake we stopped at Nordstrom's Rack where Mimi found a purse.  She had been eying one at the Coach store but just could decide.
We had a great weekend and I know it meant a lot to Mimi.  We missed Diane and Lauren and hope that we all can get together next year.
Happy Birthday Mimi-we LOVE you!

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  1. How fun! Grandmothers are the best!

    Thanks for the blog posts about the camera.