Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I can't believe I am posting this....kind of embarrassing....but it has also become humorous!
Last April or May Momma and I had a garage sale.  I knew I wanted to sell my big spiral candle holder in our bathroom and I was also planning on re-doing the walls in the bathroom over the summer.  As I took the holder down I guess the humidity in the bathroom made the paint stick to the holder.  It had been up for about 8 years.  My walls are painted and stained so I couldn't just touch-up and I don't even have that color anymore.  I decided I could make myself live with it until summer when I had time to redo the walls.......then....I first began on my laundry/office redo...then.....I change classrooms..... & my brother had a horrible accident......and a year later I am ashamed to say the wall still looks like this!  I have learned (with the help of my husband) that I DO NOT have time for renovations during the school year.  The bathroom is #1 on my summer list.  I could just slap paint up, but I have my heart set on something else and don't want to spend the time or $ to do anything other than my game plan.
Tonight Lyndon was brushing his teeth and came to find me as he was crying.  He dropped the little glass Listerine bottle in the sink as he was getting his tooth brush out of the medicine cabinet and this happened.  Of course I wasn't upset it was an accident, but he really felt awful.  He wanted me to go get his piggy bank to buy a new sink.  Of course his savings will NOT be used to purchase a new sink.  Things happen and I was actually relieved he wasn't hurt as I initially thought when I heard him crying.

******I really wanted a new sink when I work on the bathroom anyway, but felt like it was a waste of a perfectly good sink.  Guess I will get my new sink now! :-)
I really don't feel that I have time to tackle this project until the end of May, so if you come over don't be surprised when you see my bathroom.  Just think of it as a shooting sight for an Anthropologie magazine spread as their shooting locations always depict 'weathered' buildings.

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  1. Sounds like you have a busy summer planned! Looks like your girls weekend was fun! SL town square is one my favorite places to shop when the weather is nice!