Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Snow Ski Video

Here are two different times I videoed Lyndon skiing.  The 2nd is on the ramps he was dying to do.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ooooohhhhhh, I would LOVE 1 of these!

I could have a LOT of fun with this!  I have entered numerous drawing, and am hoping!!!!!!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Kids Say The Cutest Things

I love the little innocent things kids say.  This afternoon I was watching the news while Lyndon was at the dinning table doing his homework.  He begins to tell me that this morning he saw the American flag with holes and we lost.  Talking about the news.  
I said, "No, we didn't loose."
 He says, "Yes, because they had their flag raised and our flag was all messed up and down." 
I tried to figure out the best way to explain what was really happening and told him that they were probably just being mean.  Of course he wanted to know 'why'.  
I told him some countries don't believe in the same things the United States does and so they don't like us. 
He thinks and then says, "Like Santa?" "And they don't even know you and me."  
Of course, I then explained about not getting to be what we want when we grow up and not getting to go to the school or church that we want.  
Gosh, they can be so adorable & the best part is they aren't even trying!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Great Time

When Carl and Lyndon get to see each other they definitely make up for lost time!  We came home Wednesday night and we had Carl with us by 9:30 the next morning.  The boys played with Legos and played outside all day.  They didn't even agree to eat lunch until 3:00!  We grabbed chicken and headed to the school playground to play.

Then we went to the other playground for awhile.

Finally at about 5:30 we left and Carl spent the night and they played the next day as well!  We definitely enjoy Carl!

Friday, March 18, 2011

The Road 2 Home

We stayed at a different condo than last year.  Cody enjoyed this one more because it had a gas grill on the balcony.  I enjoyed last year's more because it has a washer and dryer and I didn't bring home any dirty clothes-which was really nice.

This was Lyndon's room.

Lyndon and Cody enjoyed the heated swimming pool!

Our room.

We stayed in the 'Bear Condo'.  This condo earned it's name as it has 50+ bears everywhere!

If you notice things are missing in the top photos-it has nothing to do with my OCD and not being able to relax with all of the bears and fake flowers. :-) --My ability to not function in cluttered spaces seems to be getting worse!  I am definitely in a 'Less is More' phase.  I stored a few things in the cabinets and closets since we were staying for 4 nights and put everything back in it's original location before we left.  
The owners had everything very clean and nicely decorated.  We will definitely consider staying here again!

On the road home.

Lyndon played with his magnetic rocks constantly.

Cody was such a trooper and drove the entire time!  I read a great book on the way there and read a lot of another book on the way home.  I highly recommend: 
It was fabulous and a real eye opener.  It answered many question I have had about heaven.  This beautiful pictures is what Colten says Jesus looks like:
WOW, I was speechless when I saw this photo.