Monday, March 14, 2011

Another Fun Day

Lyndon and I skied together for most of the morning today, so Cody could ski with Michael and John since this is there last day here.  Lyndon wanted to ski with Carter and Grant, but Grant tested positive for the flu on Friday and still has a fever so we kept our distance.  Grant really wanted to be skiing and would go for a run and then back to the condo to rest.  Bless his heart!
We meet Cody at the top of the mountain for lunch and skied together this afternoon.
The skiing isn't as good today as most of it was very icy.
I wanted a picture of us at the top of the mountain sporting our TEAM BRILEY gear....I thought my scarf was out of my way....ooops!
We spotted Carter, Grant, and Angela while we were on the lift.
Notice there isn't any snow in the background!
Ducks in the pond on the way to the car-they chased us as they thought we had food-made us feel guilty that we didn't have any food.

YES, Cody does have ski pants, but he wants jeans under his knee brace and was worried he'd be hot with his snow pants on top.  The knee brace is a MUST!
Lyndon skied the 'Face' which is a black and he is SO proud of himself!  We skied it last year, but he is very excited because he didn't fall this year.  (I think it's a black because the lift area is at the bottom. Cody skied a few blues today that he said they should be blacks way before the 'Face'.  Lyndon does a great job-he isn't scared of speed as his mother is! :-)
We enjoyed a delicious steak dinner at Texas Red's.  My favorite steak is was the Big Easy @ a restaurant (Last Straw) that is no longer in business at home, but this would be the 2nd best.
As we pulled into the driveway to our condo we noticed the sun shining on this mountain as the rest of the mountains appear much darker-it looked as if there was a burning fire at the base.

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