Friday, March 18, 2011

The Road 2 Home

We stayed at a different condo than last year.  Cody enjoyed this one more because it had a gas grill on the balcony.  I enjoyed last year's more because it has a washer and dryer and I didn't bring home any dirty clothes-which was really nice.

This was Lyndon's room.

Lyndon and Cody enjoyed the heated swimming pool!

Our room.

We stayed in the 'Bear Condo'.  This condo earned it's name as it has 50+ bears everywhere!

If you notice things are missing in the top photos-it has nothing to do with my OCD and not being able to relax with all of the bears and fake flowers. :-) --My ability to not function in cluttered spaces seems to be getting worse!  I am definitely in a 'Less is More' phase.  I stored a few things in the cabinets and closets since we were staying for 4 nights and put everything back in it's original location before we left.  
The owners had everything very clean and nicely decorated.  We will definitely consider staying here again!

On the road home.

Lyndon played with his magnetic rocks constantly.

Cody was such a trooper and drove the entire time!  I read a great book on the way there and read a lot of another book on the way home.  I highly recommend: 
It was fabulous and a real eye opener.  It answered many question I have had about heaven.  This beautiful pictures is what Colten says Jesus looks like:
WOW, I was speechless when I saw this photo.

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  1. Fun Trip! Love all the photos.....I may have to check out that book! Sounds really good, and I enjoy reading spiritual books. Have you every read "The Shack" or Same Kind of Different As Me"-both are on my favorite list =) Glad yall had a super trip with great weather!