Monday, March 21, 2011

Kids Say The Cutest Things

I love the little innocent things kids say.  This afternoon I was watching the news while Lyndon was at the dinning table doing his homework.  He begins to tell me that this morning he saw the American flag with holes and we lost.  Talking about the news.  
I said, "No, we didn't loose."
 He says, "Yes, because they had their flag raised and our flag was all messed up and down." 
I tried to figure out the best way to explain what was really happening and told him that they were probably just being mean.  Of course he wanted to know 'why'.  
I told him some countries don't believe in the same things the United States does and so they don't like us. 
He thinks and then says, "Like Santa?" "And they don't even know you and me."  
Of course, I then explained about not getting to be what we want when we grow up and not getting to go to the school or church that we want.  
Gosh, they can be so adorable & the best part is they aren't even trying!

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