Friday, May 13, 2011

Lyndon's First Communion

*I had already posted this, but after Blogger's Updates yesterday it was back in draft form with NO words.  Hope nothing else was lost on any other posts.

Lyndon's First Holy Communion was Saturday evening and we began the morning with a retreat from 9-12.  Each child made a banner.  Lyndon designed and made his by himself with only a little hot glue gun assistance from me.

Lyndon is very creative and enjoys crafts.

The students then watched a video guiding them thru a little boys questions about Holy Communion.

They then colored a picture frame given to them by their CCD teacher.

 After the retreat we came home and Lyndon fell asleep reading and I did chores to prepare for our big night.

Lyndon picked out his own belt, tie, and shoes.  I thought he did a great job and looked very handsome.  I was glad he picked the pink tie as it was also my favorite.

A little nervous!

Lyndon's candle wouldn't light at first.  The last time it was lit was Lyndon's baptism over 8 years ago.  After finally lighting several began to drip wax so the children have paper towels wrapped around them.

Each child read one or two of our Prayers of Intention.  Lyndon did a wonderful job reading during the Mass.

The children also carried the gifts to the altar.

The children also joined Father and Deacon at the altar during the breaking of the bread.

Lyndon receiving his First Holy Communion and remembering all of the steps.  PowPow is happily looking on.

It happened that it was also the May Crowning so the children helped with that as well.

We are very proud of Lyndon and the steps that he has taken to become closer to God.  We are very thankful to God for the wonderful blessing to be Lyndon's parents and thank God daily.  Lyndon has grown a lot in his faith over the past year and I know that many of the steps were stressful as they were big steps; however, Lyndon handled each one of them.

Grandmere flew in just as she did for Lyndon's Baptism.  Mimi, PawPaw, Memere, and Pepere also joined in Lyndon's celebration as did Lyndon's Godparents, Uncle Michael, Aunt Angela and PowPow and PopPop.  Unfortunately we didn't get a picture of everyone.

Lyndon being silly.

After Mass a small reception was held for the students.

After the reception we met up with family and friends at our home for a steak dinner.  Sadly I didn't get a picture of everything.

Lyndon opening several of his special gifts.

Bookmarks for the guest, thanking them for joining us in celebrating Lyndon's special night.

Oooops!  I didn't spell this but it is definitely something I would do!

Cody and I ordered a custom made rosary for Lyndon; however, it arrived on the Monday after due to having to be remade.  Thankfully the lady I ordered it from was very understanding of the mistakes and graciously made it correctly as quick as possible. 

Lyndon was happy with his rosary.  We hope that he prays it often and continues to grow in his faith and become closer to God.

Lyndon's initials and his four favorite sports are included on his rosary.
Thank you very much for everyone who helped us celebrate this wonderful time in Lyndon's Christian life.  Thank you also to Don for staying behind at the house to prepare the fires for the steaks and for cooking the beans.  Everything was wonderful and we are very fortunate to have such wonderful people in our lives.
We love you very much Lyndon!  God Bless you, you truly are a blessing from God!