Sunday, May 8, 2011

Lyndon's 2nd Baseball Game

I got my Mother's Day present a few days early so Jake was my target.  I have wanted another lens for my camera that gives me more zoom for when Lyndon is playing sports.

Lyndon's 2nd baseball game.

Lyndon ran past 3rd so he is trying to hurry back on base.

I am glad he is having fun and this smile tells it all!

Point scored!

We have several parents who enjoy helping.  These dads really get into it and are very supportive of the kids, as is Lyndon's coach.

The chain link fence kept blurring some of my photos.

Lyndon is having a lot of fun and Cody is loving it as well.  Cody tells me after every game and practice how fun it is!  Cody isn't even a big sports fan, but he his of Lyndon's!

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