Friday, May 13, 2011

Mother's Day

My beautiful handmade Mother's Day card and bird house.

Beautiful!  Lyndon made this because my bird feeder I put out this year I accidentally broke so Lyndon wanted me to have another one.
We had a great Mother's Day.  Momma & Daddy cooked a delicious lunch.  Aunt Carolyn was even able to attend.
Funny thing: Aunt Carolyn and Mimi were dressed in the same colors, Momma and I were dressed in the same colors, and Grandmere, Lyndon and Aubrey were dressed in the same colors and NONE of us planted on it!

Lyndon and Aubrey had fun playing.

Lyndon was showing Memere his 1st Communion Box all fixed-up!

Three Generations

All of the mothers.

My beautiful mother.

Memere & Momma

Momma and I.

When we had our shopping trip for Mimi's birthday she kept looking at this purse, but never did allow herself the splurge.

So we all surprised her with the purse for Mother's Day.  She was VERY surprised!  We love you Mimi!

Aubrey was just as excited as Mimi!

Aubrey helping Grandmere with her present from Momma.

My wonderful son- I am VERY lucky to be his Momma!

PawPaw.  He didn't know I was taking this picture, but I liked it.

Lyndon and Aubrey played with water guns, & bubbles.

The mothers played Sequence.

Lyndon and Aubrey then played Legos in the water.

Once back home Lyndon took me on a golf cart ride.

I had a wonderful Mother's Day.  The best part about Mother's Day is definitely who made me a mother.  I love you very much Lyndon and am very glad that I have had such wonderful mothers & grandmothers in my life!

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  1. Love all your post lately! Your new camera lens is great.....much better pics! Happy late Mothers Day to you......looks like you had a great one with your family!