Sunday, April 18, 2010

Lohman & Wright Easter Egg Hunts

After church we headed over to Momma & Daddy's for Easter.  I love this picture of Mimi and Parker.I'm very irritated with myself, but I never even thought about snapping a picture of the 3 of us.  Here is Mr. Handsome Lyndon in his Easter outfit.  I couldn't believe how beautiful the weather was.  I think this is only 2nd year I didn't need to put him in pants for Easter.I love this picture of Cody-always being silly!  He has Lyndon's Easter basket grass on his head to make Miss Aubrey giggle.The hunt is on!  Momma was very efficient and had already hidden all of the eggs before everyone arrived, but Bat (the dog) found several and bit them until they popped open and then he helped himself to the goodies inside.  Several eggs had to be refilled and re-hidden.Aunt Carolyn and Cody visiting.Momma gave the kiddos goodies and one of them was bubbles.Enjoy a good conversation.After a wonderful lunch with the Lohman's we then headed over to the Wright's for supper and more egg hunting.PowPow & PopPop hid the eggs across the street where several cars are parked behind an automotive repair business.  They were very creative in the places they hid the eggs.  Some had $ and some had candy.  Several were hidden on the owners vehicle.  Unfortunately he left before the boys began to hunt.  Once he arrived home he noticed an egg hidden on his vehicle and came back to return it.  Not sure who else around town found the others. :)Cody, PaPa Charlie Boy and Michael visiting on such a pretty day.
I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter.  It was great to get to visit with everyone.  We are a very blessed family!

Friday, April 16, 2010

The Easter Bunny

Lyndon found these wooden 'EASTER' letters at Hobby Lobby for $4 on Good Friday.  We planned to paint and glitter them, but the glitter will have to wait until 2011!  Lyndon picked out his paint colors and did all of the painting on his own.  He was very proud of them and I will enjoy putting them up year after year.  Next year he will be excited to glitter them.The Easter Bunny always visited our house growing up and always hid our Easter basket filled with goodies.  Luckily the Easter Bunny always makes the trip out to Lyndon's house as well.  Lyndon finally found his basket in the DRYER!!!!  (excuse the mess-hopefully you already read my reno post)Lyndon was excited to find a BOSTON shirt...& a Mario DS case for his games that he had been wanting-that is what he is hugging!I think this look came after seeing the candy-he had been candy deprived since Ash Wednesday.After digging through his Easter Basket Lyndon ate the Reeces he had been saving during Lent.  He couldn't believe I actually let him have it for BREAKFAST!  
*For some crazy reason Lyndon said that he saw the candy that was in his Easter Basket in the car in a Target bag when he was looking for something.  I quickly assured him that I knew nothing about it.  I explained to him that he was with me at Target and I didn't buy them.  "Did you see me buy them?" I kept asking.  "I have NEVER seen them before!" I also said.  "Maybe the Easter Bunny needed to hide them in there?"  The Easter Bunny is going to have to be more careful with this clever 7 year old, he will only be more clever in 2011!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

What a Mess

After way TOO many years of the cozy & old wood pane windows we finally bit the bullet and had all of the windows in the house replaced.  If $ wasn't an option I definitely would have stuck with wooden windows, but......
We decided to eliminate 2 of our windows and instead install double french doors.  We are very pleased with the outcome, but I have A LOT of painting to do.Lyndon wanted to help texture the walls.  I did the left and he did the right.  He did a really good job and managed to get it ALL over himself.  We had someone else install all of the windows, but I insisted on doing all of the finishing work on the wall myself.  Hopefully we will get everything back to normal by August.

School Egg Hunt

Lyndon had his school egg hunt on the Thursday before Easter-I am just WAY behind with posting.  I was able to get to the park to watch him for a little while.  As you can see he found plenty of eggs; however, he had given up 'CANDY' for lent so he was unable to eat ANY of it until Easter morning.  I was very proud of Lyndon for giving up candy and he did a really good job of not cheating.Checking out what others found!Lyndon sat in the tire with a friend to look at their loot!Gosh, I wish Lyndon's eyes were open!!!!Everyone getting a little WILD on the horses.After playing at the park and eating lunch their Lyndon went home with his Grant to play until I got off of work.  He had a great day and we were very excited for the Easter holiday!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

A Birthday Party

This post is about 1 month old!!!!  Sad I know!  Momma took Lyndon to his friend, Layni's, birthday party while Cody & I attended a funeral.  This was the party that we had to go to Skate Whirl the weekend before to learn/practice roller skating!   Lyndon had never been and was VERY nervous about it.Aubrey went along also and danced to the music the entire time!