Friday, April 16, 2010

The Easter Bunny

Lyndon found these wooden 'EASTER' letters at Hobby Lobby for $4 on Good Friday.  We planned to paint and glitter them, but the glitter will have to wait until 2011!  Lyndon picked out his paint colors and did all of the painting on his own.  He was very proud of them and I will enjoy putting them up year after year.  Next year he will be excited to glitter them.The Easter Bunny always visited our house growing up and always hid our Easter basket filled with goodies.  Luckily the Easter Bunny always makes the trip out to Lyndon's house as well.  Lyndon finally found his basket in the DRYER!!!!  (excuse the mess-hopefully you already read my reno post)Lyndon was excited to find a BOSTON shirt...& a Mario DS case for his games that he had been wanting-that is what he is hugging!I think this look came after seeing the candy-he had been candy deprived since Ash Wednesday.After digging through his Easter Basket Lyndon ate the Reeces he had been saving during Lent.  He couldn't believe I actually let him have it for BREAKFAST!  
*For some crazy reason Lyndon said that he saw the candy that was in his Easter Basket in the car in a Target bag when he was looking for something.  I quickly assured him that I knew nothing about it.  I explained to him that he was with me at Target and I didn't buy them.  "Did you see me buy them?" I kept asking.  "I have NEVER seen them before!" I also said.  "Maybe the Easter Bunny needed to hide them in there?"  The Easter Bunny is going to have to be more careful with this clever 7 year old, he will only be more clever in 2011!

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