Sunday, April 18, 2010

Lohman & Wright Easter Egg Hunts

After church we headed over to Momma & Daddy's for Easter.  I love this picture of Mimi and Parker.I'm very irritated with myself, but I never even thought about snapping a picture of the 3 of us.  Here is Mr. Handsome Lyndon in his Easter outfit.  I couldn't believe how beautiful the weather was.  I think this is only 2nd year I didn't need to put him in pants for Easter.I love this picture of Cody-always being silly!  He has Lyndon's Easter basket grass on his head to make Miss Aubrey giggle.The hunt is on!  Momma was very efficient and had already hidden all of the eggs before everyone arrived, but Bat (the dog) found several and bit them until they popped open and then he helped himself to the goodies inside.  Several eggs had to be refilled and re-hidden.Aunt Carolyn and Cody visiting.Momma gave the kiddos goodies and one of them was bubbles.Enjoy a good conversation.After a wonderful lunch with the Lohman's we then headed over to the Wright's for supper and more egg hunting.PowPow & PopPop hid the eggs across the street where several cars are parked behind an automotive repair business.  They were very creative in the places they hid the eggs.  Some had $ and some had candy.  Several were hidden on the owners vehicle.  Unfortunately he left before the boys began to hunt.  Once he arrived home he noticed an egg hidden on his vehicle and came back to return it.  Not sure who else around town found the others. :)Cody, PaPa Charlie Boy and Michael visiting on such a pretty day.
I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter.  It was great to get to visit with everyone.  We are a very blessed family!

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