Saturday, May 15, 2010

Celtic's Game

Very embarrassingly I totally forgot about these next few post pictures.  They are from Spring Break-horrible I know!  
Momma  purchased Celtic tickets for Lyndon and the three of us headed to Dallas for the game and some shopping.  Momma had finished repainting her living room and I had the perfect vision of the curtains she needed, but we were having trouble finding the fabric.  We hit several fabric stores with no such luck, but I did see this couch that I loved!!!!  I have this exact sofa in brown leather, but I love the white fabric with the nail head trim.  It has me thinking....We finally found some pre-made curtains that look great!Lyndon and Momma had a blast at the game, but I was more impressed with this lady who can balance bowls while riding a unicycle...The Celtics won which was great for Momma and Lyndon.  It was neat because Carter and Grant were also at the game and they were on the big screen TV monitors several times.  We never found them in person, but Lyndon sure was excited about them being on the monitors.Lyndon had his own money to spend from the PTO raffle ticket sales.  He was the 2nd High Salesman and was given a Toys 'R Us gift card for $25 and a Visa gift card for $50.  Lyndon had a blast deciding what to buy and was extremely frugal with his money.  He called his gift card a credit card and loved that he even had to sign his name on the receipt for his purchases.  I think I am going to purchase a gift card for him the next time we go shopping because it was a great lesson for him.  As a child it is still a little difficult for him to understand that if I pay with check or credit card I still have to have the money.  It also kept him from asking for 'everything' in sight.  It was a great experience on money management.  In the end he made some great choices.  He purchased two dwarf African frogs that are very easy maintenance! :)  Some Legos at the Lego store and a remote control vehicle toy, & a DS game.  The frogs were his favorite and he was very concerned about them.  He named them Celtic and Maverick.  They are the easiest pets as the water only needs to be cleaned every 4 months and they only eat twice a week!
We had a great trip.  I was able to get us booked into the Hilton Anatole for a steal, we made a trip to IKEA, Celtics won, found a HomeGoods, Lyndon had a blast with his shopping, and Memere took Lyndon swimming while I got packed.  Thank you Memere for a fun trip!

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  1. Sounds like a blast!! You were 5 minutes from my house at IKEA...we love that store! :) Glad you enjoyed your trip to Dallas.