Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy 31st Birthday, Cody!

For Cody's 31st Birthday he asked for a baseball glove and a marten house.  Cody had been catching Lyndon's baseballs bare handed and said it was time for a glove.  Two years ago for Father's Day we gave Cody a marten house and we have 10+ martens this year so he wanted another house; however, I wasn't able to locate one so we bought him a new grill.

Lyndon and Cody enjoyed an evening of catch.

I cooked Cody a steak supper as he was farming.  Unfortunately Cody caught a stomach bug and was sick all through the night and the next day.  He enjoyed teasing me that next year he will just cook his own birthday dinner!  We all ate the same thing so it couldn't be the food.  
Happy birthday Cody, we love you!

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