Sunday, March 13, 2011

Spring Break 2011

We left home yesterday morning and headed to Red River for our Spring Break!
Cody drove, Lyndon watched movies, and I began a book and almost finished it!  Once we arrived in town we unloaded everything and headed to the market for groceries.  Mother like son, as I was unpacking our luggage and getting everything organized I walked into Lyndon's room and he was already doing the same.  He had the drawers full and was hanging his shirts in the closet.  We cooked a small supper before going to bed.
Lyndon enjoying donut holes and milk this morning.
GO TEAM BRILEY!!!!! One of the teachers at school thought of a GREAT idea: everyone was invited to wear their TEAM BRILEY apparel on spring break for 'Where in the World is TEAM BRILEY!'
Usually as we ski Lyndon leads the way and I follow close behind and Cody flies down the mountain last, or Cody leads and I follow Lyndon.  Cody busted a good one and is putting his skies back on.  Cody never falls and Lyndon and I missed it-Cody says it was such a great fall he wishes we would have seen it.
We had a lot of fun and made several runs before heading back for a late lunch which then turned into a nap as well.  Not sure why we all were so tired.
Lyndon later decided he wanted to swim.  The outdoor pool is heated to 98 degrees and Lyndon had a lot of fun.
Cody emptied his pockets into the pool for Lyndon to hunt for $.
Cody is cooking steaks for us tonight and we plan to get a good night sleep so we are ready to ski all day tomorrow!

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  1. I LOVE how you have Lyndon trained! Can you come train my girls? :) That's awesome! How's the skiing? We're headed to Ruidoso with several friends in on Wednesday and the montain only has a 20" base and chair 1 isn't even open. Boo!