Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Ten Terrific Years

Cody & I celebrated our 10 year anniversary with a special trip to Islamorada, Florida.  We left on Saturday & returned Tuesday evening.  The trip was PERFECT!  We both wanted an unplanned trip with lots of relaxing (only thing planned was our accommodations), somewhere with water, since it has been so hot at home, somewhere without wind, and of course when I found Casa Morada I knew it was the place.  Our trip began a little bumpy.  As we approach the airport we realize this plane is going to possibly make us miss our flight.  After finally rerouting us through the pasture we arrived at the airport along with the other half of the passengers on our flight.  The flight to DFW was miserable!  Either due to the heat of the day or the lack of an operable air conditioning system only the first few rows were cool.  I am very claustrophobic and was very concerned I wouldn't make it without becoming sick.  Luckily, right before landing the attendant passed water out to the passengers that appeared to be sick.  The water helped, but the end to the turbulence and getting off of the hot plane were the best!
Cody and I relaxed at Pappasitos while waiting for our flight to Miami.

By the time we reached MIA it was dark which was beautiful with all of the lights.  We grabbed our Rent-a-car and headed to the Hilton.
I took this picture of MIA the next morning before we left the hotel.
Lyndon would have enjoyed these!

After a quick trip to Target we headed to Islanmorada, FL-which we mispronounced until the last day of our trip!

Cody drove our 'Sleek' car.....the car was a humorous adventure for us.  Of course I just rented the cheapest car that would fit our luggage-who knew you don't get the car in the picture.......  Cody really wanted it to have a huge sign that said it was a Rent-a-Car.  We both thought it had lots of blind spots and we felt like the clown at the rodeo driving it.  It did give us a lot of laughs though.

I took pictures the whole way!

I was trying to catch the giant lobster next to the blue sign-a little slow though.
We stayed at Casa Morada which was fabulous!  It was listed in a magazine I read as their Top 5 Picks for a vacation that will bring you closer together.  Of course the minimalistic and neutral decor had me sold as well-what a great place to relax.  
When we go on vacation of course we always have Lyndon (which we LOVE) and our time is packed with everything we are cramming into our trip that we all want to see.  I wanted this trip to be relaxed and nothing was planned except for our accommodations.  It was wonderful.
We spent our afternoon hanging out on the 'island' at Casa Morada.

We even found this.

This was our veiw.

Cody had a Corona with lime.

This is the property behind us.  Our room wasn't in this building as we were in the Garden Cottage.

More pictures of the relaxing island.

The full service bar with games and magazines.

We spent our time in the gazebo.

My beverage of choice. 

Mr. Iguana again.

Storms brewing out at sea-it didn't rain on us though.

Finally at about 3:30 we went into town to eat lunch.
 World Wide Sportsman is a BassPro Shops store with awesome things to see.
We rode the elevator.

Looked at the aquarium

& toured the boat.

Where we grabbed a lite lunch.

As we went back to the island to enjoy the sunset we spotted this 'pirate ship' full of kids-made us think of Lyndon.

Sunset was gorgeous!

After sunset and a quick swim we cleaned up and headed out to dinner.

I tried to get a picture of the big fish decoys hanging from the ceiling for Lyndon, but the lighting wasn't cooperating. 

After dinner we tried to take a picture of ourselves in front of the numerous tiki torches.
What a great start to a fantastic trip.

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