Saturday, October 2, 2010

Homecoming & Soccer Game 1

Last night was our high school homecoming.  Lyndon was excited about wearing his garter to school especially since it included 'A. Wright #84' & 'Barton Boys #8'.  Of course it didn't take long before it was irritating him and he took it off.

Lyndon's team played their first soccer game this morning.  Lyndon has a great coach and adorable and good players on his team.  They all work great together.  This will be Lyndon's last year to play in this division-booohooo.  I would much rather him stay at this level where the #1 goal is to have FUN!!!

Lyndon enjoys being goalie for a portion of the game.

Lyndon made two goals, but I didn't get pictures.  Next week I will stand down at the end and try to catch him in the action.

Yeah to a great game!  The other team also did a great job!  It is interesting to see how all of the players gain confidence from one year to the next.  A lot of little dynamites!

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