Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween in Our Home

A month ago Lyndon & I decorated our house for Halloween.  Usually we don't put out much since I usually begin decorating for Christmas at the beginning of November, but this year I had a project...

Lyndon had a lot of fun sorting through all of his Halloween trinkets from years past.

Lyndon decorated his room all by himself and was very proud of his accomplishment.

I think Lyndon did a great job!!!!

Project #1 which I found off of another blog, Lolly Jane.

I will definitely be redoing this project next year.

Lyndon & I carved a 'W' into one of the fake carve-able pumpkins at Hobby Lobby.

Yeah, our crown molding is installed-now to paint the ceiling, walls, and crown molding....

Most of the decorations I have had-we just like to rearrange them from year to year.

Lyndon insisted on using the 'W' here.

Project #2!  After seeing a similar tree in one of my PotteryBarn magazines I came up with my own twist.  I added prisms and left out the book pages.

I used my Christmas tree urn  & Cody found a great limb.

A bat in a jar.

Spider web...

I found these goodies for Lyndon and the pjs are awesome, they glow in the dark!

I hope you had a great Halloween.  We are contemplating putting out Thanksgiving decor or jumping right on into Christmas-naughty I know.


  1. Great ideas!!! Love the candy-corn "tree"~Too CuTe!!! I need to show you our carved "funkins"(fake pumpkins) I have 3. I carved one for each child. I have a picture of Brilee and Brenn printed on velum paper and a light inside the pumpkin. I update the pic every year......this would be so cute with Lyndons pic in it!

    We are itching to decorate for Christmas too. I put my Thanksgiving decor out on Sunday and Brant gave his okay to decorate after Brenn's party(13th)!! So Yea.....we are def ready for Christmas here too! I can't wait to see all of your cool ideas and how you decorate ;)

  2. You are so amazing! I love all the pictures! I know you two have a great time in everything you do!

  3. Oh my goodness! Yall did a great job. My fav is the sparkley skeleton on top of the fire place. Where did you get that? I want one!!!! All of it is way cute! Cant wait to see your thanksgiving decor!