Monday, November 29, 2010

"Feed Jake, He's Been a Good Calf"

Sadly we had a mother calf who prolapsed after giving birth to this adorable calf, Jake.  When Cody found him he was laying by his dead mother-that just breaks my heart....animal or not!  With the help of several friends Cody was able to move the calf to the barn behind our house where they each gave him pointers on bottle feeding.  
Lyndon was very excited to have a new pet, Jake.  Cody named him after the country song about the dog named Jake.  Jake requires a bottle each morning and evening and is always very ready for it.
Notice the beer: still not sure if this was a joke..... Cody called me as I was still in town and told me I needed to pick up a 6 pack of beer in a bottle.  His story, "Usually calves won't start sucking on the bottle and you have to pour(a beer bottle works great) the formula down their mouths until they get a taste for it."  Well that wasn't a problem as Jake sucked down an entire bottle in about 1 minute!  As the guys each enjoyed a beer I accused them of making up a lame excuse.....

I think Jake is adorable!!!!

& Lyndon is very proud!


  1. Ohhhh...So sad, but he is really adorable!!!

  2. Bottle calves are so much fun---and a lot of work! Several of the cows here at our house were once bottle calves that we raised. Most of them we can still go out in the pasture and pet!

    Glad Jake is doing well and sucked that first bottle down!